Embracing entrepreneurship to make ideas happen

Music and entrepreneurship have been inevitably connected throughout history. From early Baroque musicians playing and composing for kings and queens to mainstream artists diversifying their celebrity to products that extend their brands such as clothing lines, headphones, and even dietary supplements.

However, the challenge in becoming a true artist entrepreneur, or as our friends at World Artists United call it: ARTrepreneur (read here the Forbes article talking about WAU’s process and journey), is how to become self-aware of the skills you have as an artist, and how to embrace entrepreneurship to make ideas happen. The music, media and entertainment industries have been historically hard and tough to navigate, but thanks to technology, artists have now been able to create at a much faster pace, distributing art and music globally at a fraction of the cost. Thus, the democratization of creating art is underway, enabling artists to create and distribute at an unbelievable rate.

Entrepreneurship, more and more associated to technology-based businesses, is a growing trend among young and creative minds. However, as Behance founder Scott Belsky puts it, it’s not so much about the beginning and the end of entrepreneurship, but it’s about the journey that we must learn from, making sure that the next generation of musicians and creators find sustainable career paths and clear roadmaps in making it in these industries. They have the product ready, now the key thing is to know how to market it, sell it, and profit from it.

Tomas Uribe Music Entrepreneur ConferenceIn April 7 and 8, the first annual Music Entrepreneur Conference (MECon) will take place at Harvard University’s Science Center, organized by World Artists United and the Harvard Graduate Council. People who have re-invented the music industry, including Kerry Gordy (Motown) and Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic and dotBlockchainMedia) will attend, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of this conference with Stereotheque.

Understanding the current market of the creative industries and technology, and acknowledging the need of having the necessary tools and skills to make it in the entertainment and music industries, we have been hard at work creating a unique platform that enables these collaborations and networking to occur in a way that gives clear professional roadmaps for artists. We decided to partner up with WAU and participate at the MECon to help more artists connect and find sustainability in their careers.

How to get discounted tickets:

For tickets, please visit this link and use promo code “Stereo” for 20% discount! Use the code “Stereolive” for a 50% discount on the live stream.



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