Pay Attention to These 5 Soundtracks in Netflix

Already in late November, not only closing up one year but one crazy decade, we wanted to look back on this year’s Netflix’ list of series to give you a selection of our top-five soundtracks to enjoy during the holidays. 

Soundtracks, either original scores or curated lists, are always in movies and series we watch. Not being the main point of our focus, music in these productions might seem like a minor role. Still, it actually plays one of the leading tasks in film production by setting moods, spaces, tempos, emotions, and this way, it helps build the unique support to storytelling. Professional productions spend high amounts of money, hiring film scorers, composers, curators, and syncing the right music for each scene/episode.

So sit back, relax, and dive into these 5 songs from our show recommended’s list, to learn and experience each of these shows in a sonically and differently way. 

End of the F***ing World: Laughing on the Outside by Bernadette Carroll

This one is for all the Lovers out there.

On My Block: Changes by Dej Loaf

This one is for all the Fighters.

Sex Education: Born in ’77 by King Khan

This one is for the Daring.

The Crown: Dressing Down by Rupert Gregson-Williams

This one is for the Bold.

Green Frontier: Lamento en la Selva by Los Mirlos

This one is for the Adventurous.

Discover more Soundtracks

If you liked these picks, take your time to discover all the soundtracks for yourself and connect with the deeper meanings of your favorite show!

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