The Halftime Show SWING!

The Half-Time Show LIV

Just last week, the world of sports celebrated the giant Super Bowl LIV. Since the early 1990s, the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show features the biggest Pop and Rock artists to one of the largest (if not the largest) television audiences across the world.

The Halftime event has so much attraction between sports and music fans, that the performing artists automatically see radical increments in their music sales, downloads, and online streams on the following days. These increments in sales happen thanks to the exposure, fame, international reach of the game, and the NFL takes advantage of the increase in sales to offer a non-paid spot to perform at the Halftime Show.

Yes, the rumors are true: the NFL does not pay featured artists that perform at the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show. The only part of the show that the League pays is the production costs.

The Show’s SWING

This past Super Bowl LIV celebrated in the city of Miami, FL, the two performing stars at the Halftime Show were Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

To make the greatest, most memorable shows in television, the NFL and artists do not take chances with the production plans, and the organizers always bring the best of best creatives, artists, and professionals to fulfill this great job.

This time, to achieve an unforgettable performance by the Puerto Rican star, JLo, she brought the talents and services of the famous Salsa company, Swing Latino!

Swing Latino

Swing Latino is a Colombian Salsa company founded by the master choreographer Luis Eduardo Hernández, in the city of Cali. Since 1998, Swing Latino has not only won most of Colombia’s national dance competitions but has also won 9 Salsa World Championships in different categories.

In addition, Swing Latino cops a Grammy Awards performance in the Motown Tribute, finalists at NBC’s World of Dance reality show, and they are two times choreographers and dancers at the American Music Awards (AMA’s).

Champeta For The World

While Swing Latino was there for Jennifer Lopez’ high-skilled salsa choreography, Worldwide Pop star Shakira, also brought her cavalry to face her challenging section of the Halftime Show.

As a tribute to her Colombian heritage, Shakira invited the incredible Liz Dany Campo, a Colombian professional dancer, and choreographer. Only 18 years old, Liz is already hitting the biggest stages in the world and choreographing performances for top-class artists!

Check it out!

Check out the whole Halftime Show and see it for yourself. Latin talent shining live at the greatest show on television! Stereotheque celebrates the performances and achievements of all creatives out there!

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