Advancing the Music Industry With Creator Tools

Creator Tools

The technology at our disposal has democratized the creation and production processes in a large number of industries and sectors. In Music, Media, and Entertainment, all the available hardware and software have advanced the way we communicate as human beings through the world wide web and infinite opportunities. This accessibility to technology and its power has opened new doors to higher demands by audiences thirsty for all the different forms of entertainment, and it is also dictating the conception of the newest creator tools.

From small mobile applications like photo filters to the genius behind Digital Audio Workstations, and the technology behind drawing tablets, these are all examples of how we humans like to transcend barriers and create with the power of our talents and imagination.

These days, besides being able to acquire many products, creators and the leading companies in the music and media industries have focused on human interconnection and the power of creative teams to tackle any project ahead.

Data Estimates

According to the research and expertise of Mark Mulligan and MIDiA Research, Creator Tools might be the next new “big thing” in the music industry, and the shift where Record Labels will look to expand their power.

Check out our interview with Mark Mulligan on The CREATR Podcast Episode 04!

  • Thanks to the new bets on interconnectivity, collaboration, and creator tools, artists of all kinds and backgrounds totaled an estimated $820 million in 2019, according to a MIDiA Research early study of last year’s progress.
  • “Creator Tools are the new top of the funnel before the music even makes it onto streaming services.” – MIDiA Research
  • “We think this might be the music industry’s next big growth area – and Spotify is already betting big,…” – MIDiA Research
  • Spotify acquired SoundBetter and SoundTrap creator tools last year.


Creator tools not only come in hardware form. The internet and the latest generations of broadband networks have allowed the flourishing of unique virtual tools for creators. From cloud-based DAW‘s like SoundTrap to SoundBetter, Creator Tools’ purpose is to facilitate the creation and workflow of creativity to increase production.

At Stereotheque, we believe in the power of networking and collaborative dynamics. We are the creator tool that not only opens a marketplace, but we also help you create the network of professionals needed to advance a career and run a sustainable business. Our multiple and varied virtual resources make visible all creatives’ talents and skills, transfer valuable information and keep members up-to-date for all kinds of creative endeavors in the Music, Media, and Entertainment industries.

  • For individual creatives, Stereotheque si powering the creation of professional networks for collaboration, learning, and production. 
  • For organizations and companies, Stereotheque is creating the most accurate data-driven teams of creatives for any project in mind. 
Spotify acquiring SoundBetter and SoundTrap?

It makes sense that the largest streaming platform just invested in creator tools. Spotify lives off from User-Generated-Content, and it needs constant material to be uploaded and promoted for audiences to pay for subscriptions. So the question becomes, how can Spotify increase the number of songs and albums uploaded? By aiding the creation process through technology so everyone, regardless of budget, musical practice, and experience, can produce music and become almost full-time “partners” of the platform and the service that Spotify offers to audiences.

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