From Firing Weapons to Repairing Musical Instruments

Music as a tool for social transformation in the transition from war to peace in Colombia.
musical instruments

The Salvi Foundation, through its luthier centers, prepares a training program in the construction and repair of musical instruments for demobilized FARC members once they are reintegrated into society.

“For the program it is very important to have reinserted members because we want the greatest number of people who want to create instruments to work with us,” Angela Becerra, director of the Luthier Centers and Wind Instruments of the Salvi Foundation told Efe.

musical instruments
musical instruments

According to Becerra, “what better way to reintegrate a person than with culture and education,” so the organization hopes that the project “is ready and structured in 2017,” after last November 24 the national government And the FARC signed a peace agreement to end more than 50 years of conflict.

The director said that hand in hand with the Colombian Ministry of Culture are traveling to different municipalities to repair instruments.

“We have gone to municipalities where the majority of its inhabitants were guerrillas or had relatives of guerrillas because it is very important for us to reach this population of reintegrated people.” The idea, he said, “is to reach in the next three years all the municipalities that had a guerrilla population.”

The initiative, he added, “is very positive for the country because at this time” of “change, peace, we see that it is necessary to support and educate.”

Education for Luthiers and the classical music industry

The Salvi Foundation’s Luthier Centers were created since 2011 in the face of the urgency to offer musicians attending the International Music Festival of Cartagena “a service of lutería that did not exist in Colombia as an entity.”

The director confirmed that before the institutionalization of the Lutería Centers “there were people who did it in an empirical way but not with a school, with a guide of teachers like the Italians who are the ones that we have at the moment”.

The Salvi Foundation’s Luthier and Wind Instruments Centers operate today in Bogotá, where the main headquarters are located, and two more schools in Cali and Medellín.

musical instruments
musical instruments

“Throughout the year we have the courses attended by those who already have some experience or previous studies and are taught by Italian and Brazilian teachers who come once a month during the 12 months of the year and during an intense week of Work dictate their workshops for the construction and repair of instruments, “he added.

Luteria workshops are divided into the construction of violins and the repair of wind instruments including flutes, saxophones, horns and trombones.

During the days of the festival, according to Becerra, the workshop of strings and winds is carried out where, in a free way, musical instruments are repaired not only to the musicians who come for the contest but also to musicians who independently bring their instruments to be arranged”.

“We also have a workshop aimed at children on the construction of a violin to start sensitizing them and to learn that there is something before the musician himself and that is the luteria that builds the violin,” he said.

Finally, Becerra said that during the XI version of the Festival, a workshop was held on the construction of unconventional instruments with recycled materials in which PVC pipes, glass jars with water, aluminum and wood were used.

“After the construction of these instruments with recycled materials a musical work was executed and we hope to replicate this idea in many parts of the country,” he concluded.

The luthier workshops are part of the official program of the International Music Festival of Cartagena that will close its curtain on January 16 with a concert in the acoustic shell of the Sacred Heart Park in the neighboring city of Barranquilla.

Agencia EFE

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