The amazing music universe of Trainspotting and why you need to watch T2

Trainspotting Music Photo credit from NME

It’s a big day. T2, the Trainspotting sequel will be released in the UK on January 27th and later in March in the US. Big day because this Danny Boyle film goes deep into our guts, makes us laugh, cry, feel energized and simply has one of the best soundtracks ever.

20 years of great music

The first film was released back in February 26, 1996, when Renton (Ewan McGregor), perhaps best remembered for his visit in the first film to the “Worst Toilet in Scotland”, had this infamous personality each one of us could relate to in a way. Along with his buddies (including the unfashionable Spud), T2 is based on Irvine Welsh’s novel Porno. Even though critics say T2 doesn’t expose much of that raw and vulgar tone, sexuality and outrageous sex and drug scenes, music is still an incredibly important protagonist in both films.

Here’s our top 10 of some of the best tunes in Trainspotting with the scenes where the music was used, including some of the themes that didn’t make the final cut, yet were released in a second soundtrack album:

Lust for Life (Iggy Pop):

Sing (Blur):

Perfect Day (Lou Reed):


Carmen Suite No. 2 (Georges Bizet):


Golden Years (David Bowie):


Nightclubbing (Iggy Pop):


Born Slippy – NUXX (Underworld):


Atmosphere (Joy Division):


2:1 (Elastica):


Come Together (Primal Scream):


Music from T2 includes High Contrast, Young Fathers, Blondie, Queen, Run–D.M.C., The Clash and Underworld, promising to be a really great mix of legendary tunes.



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