Sounds From Brazil: Interview with Capela

Capela was born in 2012 and its first album, Música de Cabeceira, which was released the same year, was nominated for the Brazilian Music Awards as the best independent album. They participated in the reality show Breakout Brasil, on the Sony Channel and released their second album – Sangue Novo, at the Ibirapuera Auditorium in March 2015.

After winning the “My Band on the Sunset Stage” contest, Capela played in Rock in Rio 2015 and recorded an album with co-production by Paulinho Fonseca, from Jota Quest.

Gigante, the band’s third album was released in the second half of 2016.

After discovering this amazing band at SXSW2017 we wanted to know a little bit more about their history, influences, and future plans.

  • Who are Gustavo, Caio and Leo; and how did you meet?

We are a very different triad, including one from the other. We are very different, with different tastes and profiles, and it was in music that we found a common language.
Gustavo Rosseb is a writer and Caio Andreatta and Léo Nicolosi are multi instrumentalists and musical producers. We met in a destination gap, at a very convenient time. Each had a band and, at a certain point, the three bands ended and we got together. We were three pieces that became one. This unique piece is what we now call Capela.

  • What are your musical influences as a band and individually?

This is something interesting, as each one of us hear very different things. Because of this, we end up sharing new bands and influences with each other so we can learn from each other’s eyes. The band ends up bringing a sum of what us three are used to listen to. We can consider bands and musicians that are part of the brazilian music history, like: Secos e Molhados, Caetano Veloso, Novos Baianos, Milton Nascimento, Djavan, Gilberto Gil, Lenine, among others. Besides these, we have several references from outside and that are more present: Bon Iver, Young the Giant, Mumford and Sons, Radiohead, John Mayer and many others.

  • How would you describe the evolution of the band and its music from Música de Cabeceira to Gigante?

Musica de Cabeceira, our first album, was released in 2012, the same year that we met. So this album is about how we met, about our influences and relationship. Do you know when you fall in love and you are living those first moments? That was exactly that kind of music experience that we had, we tried to put all our ideas together and it became an album. In that moment our lyrics were more ludic and the songs were more melodic, but was a reflection of a really good moment that we all lived together, so it’s something that we are really proud of.

Sangue Novo was a little more daring and we tried to experiment more. More rhythms, including electronic beats with more strong lyrics.

And Gigante, the last one, we felt it kind of came to complement the second one. No doubts it’s the most mature album of the 3: we put out a big orchestra wrote by Caio and that was recorded in Moscow, Russia; the “Sorte ao Revés” we had two drummers playing together, we tried different and unexpected things and we think it worked a lot! So it’s our deepest work. It’s difficult to compare and describe it all, but it seems that the 3 albums together show exactly our trajectory and how we evolved along the years as music creators.

  • Please tell us a little bit about your participation in the Sony Channel’s reality show “Breakout Brasil”

It was different. This is the word. We’ve never been on a reality show before and it’s quite different. This was a time when we had to grow as a person and as professionals, because we were confined in a hotel, away from home, had a microphone in each of us, capturing everything we said, they also had several tests that we needed to show how we worked together. One false step, and that would be recorded, so the tension was great. Hehehe. But we made many friends during the process; they were the other bands that fought to show their work in other corners of Brazil. That was in 2014 and we still met to play together. This is certainly the best thing we do with the program. Friendship.

  • You mentioned that SXSW was your first time touring outside of Brazil, please tell us about this experience and what impact it had on the band.

Yes. It was our first time beyond the borders of our home. And it was beautiful too. It was another learning process. We left Brazil with observer eyes. It was an honor to take a little of what our country is in our chords and melodies. And it was very gratifying to be so welcomed and accepted. We felt at home. In addition, we made a lot of work contacts, many beginnings of partnerships; we attended several lectures and concerts of friends and references. We lived memorable days that already need repetition. It was a period of exchange. We left bits of us in each person we met and took a little bit of each with us. We are bigger today individually and as a band, and we are very grateful because it was a learning experience.

  • Our music discovery platform is based on music scenes, if you had to pick your music scene, what would you pick?

We would be here and now, as we don’t consider Capela similar to any other band to be included in only one year and city, as we mix a lot of influences from Brazilian music to international music. We can say that this is also because music today, especially in São Paulo, (and this is what we live), is made basically from a lot of influences that come from here and from outside, and also from today and from the past. So we could say that Capela is #SãoPaulo2017.

  • What are your plans for the future?

We released our third album “Gigante” in 2016. Since then, we have been working on this album’s tour. We have just celebrated 5 years on the road, so for the future we are working to record our first DVD. In addition, the idea is, throughout 2017, to take our music to more places in Brazil and, possibly, to make a second venture in international lands!



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