(Almost) Every Sample From the Avalanches’ “Since I Left You”


The Avalanches

In 2000, the Australian electronic music group the Avalanches released their debut studio album Since I Left You, which quickly became a pillar of both dance music and of the art of sampling, which consists on taking parts of existing recording and transforming them into parts of a new one.

The record, spanning 18 tracks, is admirably entirely made up of samples, some from other songs, some from movie clips, some from TV shows, some from comedy recordings, and others, well, not even the band remembers where those others came from.

Robbie Chater and Darren Seltmann, the members of the Avalanches, estimate that 3,500 samples were used in the production of the album. They don’t know for sure, as they began to record it for their own amusement. They didn’t expect that the album would blow up, eventually receiving awards in Australia and worldwide acclaim after its global release in 2001. So they didn’t keep track of where their samples were coming from, which caused the Avalanches a few legal headaches when the album eventually appeared in the UK and US markets.

But despite the monstrous amount of samples, most of the backbones of the tracks in Since I Left You can be traced with some research. This is exactly what YouTube account Bandstand did with a video that, despite being titled “Every Sample From The Avalanches Since I Left You,” does not actually contain every sample from the album – something that might be an impossible task.

The video puts the album songs next to the original recordings from where the samples came from, usually using the original music video of both the original sample and the Avalanches song, and provides a brief publication information chart for each one. One of the most enlightening and entertaining sample lists you’ll see.

Check out the video below:

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