Top 5 Hot Guitar Pedals According To Urdaneta

In the search for the latest trends in music gear, Stereotheque also looks out for bands and artists that are driving the new musical scenes. This time, curious to understand what sounds are making these musical acts relevant in today’s music, the blog wants to highlight the versatile world of guitar pedals in the market and musical landscape. To do so, the HUB invited Colombian Alternative Rock band Urdaneta to talk about their picks for their gear. Known to be stylistically loyal to the use of guitar pedals, both in live and studio performances, the band is a relevant candidate to talk about this topic.

Urdaneta is the vision of frontman Antonio José Urdaneta, and guitarist Álvaro José Valencia. Accompanying them are band members: Andrés Felipe Pascua, Felipe Durán, Jorge Arciniegas, and Pol Moreno. The band is deep rooted in Rock en Español through artists like Spinetta, and Charly Garcia, and also has musical influences from the cities of Bogotá, London, and Boston. Still believing in album-based music, the band wants to “create a cult through albums and songs”.

This is their Top 5 Hot guitar pedals:
Photo by Jim Dunlop
MXR Carbon Copy Delay

“We principally use the Carbon Copy as a live performance tool. It is great for clean guitar sounds that need to carry a sense of character, and modulation. Also, we like to use it for dramatic effects while performing. As a secondary use, and also very important for us, with this Delay we create feedback loops that end up being recorded and used as lead synths or pads.”

Dunlop Rotovibe

“This is a Modulation, Vibrato, and Filter effect pedal that we love to use live and in the studio. In a live performance setting, it has the capability to recreate many of the plug-in created moments that we have in the recordings. It is an excellent piece to create a very wide guitar in the Stereo Spectrum, and at the same it is quite discrete as it doesn’t produce too much high frequency content (that will usually struggle with voice or main instrument frequency space).”

Ibanez Tube Screamer

“The Tube Screamer is a very popular Overdrive that we commonly use for the distortion, and solo parts in our recordings. What we like about it is that it can really make the guitar cut through a crowded mix, or it can also bring good gain and brightness for live solos.”

Fulltone Supa Trem

“It is a Tremolo pedal, and one of our favorite effects used to create atmospheric sounds with the guitars. We usually use it in stereo configuration and send the signal to two amps that are independently recorded with a pair of mics in the room. All this is done to create a really open sound that contributes to the song’s groove in the right subdivision.”

Dunlop Octavio

“This is a pedal that we only use during guitar solos and when we want the guitar to be the leader of the mix. This pedal has the famous FuzzFace circuit used by Jimi Hendrix, with a higher octave: causing the sound to be larger while at the same time adding aggressiveness creating a similar tone to Jack White’s in The White Stripes or The Raconteurs.”

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