How Lolita De Sola started her own music path

Lolita De Sola is a singer-songwriter from Caracas, Venezuela. With her first album on the way, she already started releasing singles from it, the first one is called “Aquí” and it can be found in every digital platform out there. Her music path started when she was little singing in church and in school. After finishing her degree in psychology she decided to change her path and take music seriously as a full-time career so she decided to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston and study music, earning a degree in Electronic Production and Sound Design. She has played concerts in Boston, New York, Athens and Caracas with her original music and she has collaborated with Venezuelan artist “El Otro Polo” in different concerts and in his debut Album.

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–        What’s your background (in music or your education)

I started singing when I was a small child at school and I always loved it, I use to sing in church and then in school competitions. After graduating High School I earned a degree in psychology and then I decided to take singing lessons and take music seriously. I ended up studying music theory around 2012 while I was still studying psychology and then going to London Music School in 2014 and then I got accepted to Berklee College of Music where I spent my time there having vocal lessons, guitar lessons and became a Music Producer.

–        What was the first job you got in music and how did you get it (networking?)?

I am currently freelancing as an artist and looking to assist experimented music producers in their studio.

–        How did you get your current job?

By studying and preparing to have a career in the music industry. When people hear your project and they like it, gigs start coming your way.

–        What’s the most impactful thing you’ve learned from working in this industry?

The most impactful thing for me was learning that a musical project is a business, even though it has to be made with a lot of humanity, soul, and craft in order to sell. It is really hard for an artist who pours its heart and soul into a musical project to see it as a product in order to survive and to be successful in the music industry. But that’s just the way it is.

–        Did you have mentor(s)? How did you get to them?

Yes, my music teachers were a huge influence on me, also, I learned a lot on how to produce a quality album when I made my first album with producer José Luis Pardo, just working with him and seeing him work with my songs was a huge learning experience.

–        What advice would you give to young folks looking to have a similar career path as yours?

Study, study hard, never stop studying (music, finance, marketing, music skills, production skills, instruments, read poetry, read books, analyze songs…endless of things you could study to be good at this). Talent is only the 10% of all the things you have to know and achieve to do this. This is a hard business, sometimes ungrateful, but if passion drives you and music is your calling you’ll probably be fine. Never think this is easy because it’s music, it is probably a thousand times harder to keep this type of business than a regular one.

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