Staying Relevant In An Ever-Changing Industry

Online media consumption is now non-stop thanks to our current social media channels. With the ease of access to the Internet, the flow of uploaded content is now massive, causing the necessity to think about how to make some room in the public space and (most importantly) how to remain relevant in it.

How To Land a Job In The Music Industry

In music, one of the highest media-consumption and changing industries, staying relevant is a challenge that Tomás Uribe decided to address in his latest book How To Land a Job In The Music Industry. With the power of today’s social media platforms, independent musicians now count with a suitable infrastructure to promote their own works as well as to learn from others, and the following is what we can learn from Uribe’s chapter on media relevance:

Depending on the niche you’re focusing on, it’s vital to remain relevant. This can mean that you are active on social media by commenting about the latest trends in music technology, or by releasing remixes on your Soundcloud or Youtube channel. The goal is to engage with your audience in a natural and frequent way; you never know if your future employer, manager, or festival booker is following you or is already an avid fan of your music. With Stereotheque, musicians can remain relevant by constantly sharing their music stories and recent projects, tagging collaborators and engaging in conversations with like-minded professionals unlike any other network.


Photo by Marten Bjork

The best way to stay relevant is to focus on specific channels. In today’s media landscape, it’s better to grow audiences and communities in specific channels by voicing out your opinions or distributing your content.Using Facebook as an example, a front of-house engineer might be constantly sharing his use of gear everyday, expecting comments and community feedback, instead of using disappearing stories from Snapchat or Instagram.

Maybe a cello player, who might not be interested in growing a Twitter following might start her own Medium blog documenting stories of the best cello luthiers out there and sharing best practices for amateur cellists. We are living in the time economy, where relevance is the currency. We have to make sure that any word, song, video or piece of content we put out there, will be relevant and useful for he or she who reads or consumes it, because in the end, they will decide if it’s worthy of their time or not.



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