Backstage Insight: Licensing with Julian Duque at The Orchard

The Music Industry is constantly changing and reinventing itself. After many years, countless technological advancements, mistakes and solutions, many of the original jobs that drove this business to where it is at have changed along the way.

How To Land A Job In The Music Industry

Nowadays, thanks to data’s easy access and speed, big industry players like Record Labels have had the need to rethink their business models around the presence of the Internet. At the same time, just like it is explained in Chapter III of How To Land a Job In the Music Industry by Tomás Uribe some jobs have lost their relevance and others have been created by today’s music consumption and distribution ways.

With Uribe´s insight and analysis, we can identify the key jobs that are relevant in the current industry, and the ones that will shape the upcoming years. Having in mind the technological advancements in music consumption we need to discuss the importance of: Licensing.

One of the most emblematic issues in the music industry right now is the proper attribution of royalties to rights holders throughout the different licenses that exist. Something that companies like The Orchard are tackling. In a very tight nutshell, the purpose of this role is to make sure people get paid fairly, transparently and efficiently.

Stereotheque got the opportunity to talk to Julian Duque, the Latin Labels Manager at The Orchard. He identified the important role that technology plays in today’s industry and also shared the nature of his job:

Photo by The Orchard
“My entrance to The Orchard was a combination of experience, persistence and timing. Identifying an opportunity that suited my background was key to having greater chances. My day to day consists of taking the relationship with the Latin labels or record labels in the United States and the Caribbean. From planning music releases, marketing strategy support, to helping solve legal problems. In short, my job is to support the label so that its releases have a wider reach and its music is available and monetized on different digital platforms.”
“At The Orchard, technology has been key to helping record companies efficiently monetize their content”

There’s a lot of math that goes into this, since you’ll be dealing with percentages, fees, due dates, and more. Strong analytical-thinking and detail-oriented people can strive in this position, but should remain nimble as technology is also penetrating this category. As more and more musicians are releasing their music online, there’s a ton of fees unaccounted for, so licensing managers can well take advantage of this paradigm shift and start working!

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