Backstage Insight: Curator with Natalia Bustamante at IDAGIO

The Music Industry is constantly changing and reinventing itself. After many years, countless technological advancements, mistakes and solutions, many of the original jobs that drove this business to where it is have changed along the way.

How To Land A Job In The Music Industry

Nowadays, thanks to data’s easy access and speed, big industry players like Record Labels have had the need to rethink their business models around the presence of the Internet. At the same time, just like it is explained in Chapter III of How To Land a Job In the Music Industry by Tomás Uribe some jobs have lost their relevance and others have been created by today’s music consumption and distribution ways.

In Uribe´s work, we can identify the key jobs that are relevant in the current industry, and the ones that will shape the upcoming years. In this segment, we want to highlight the role of the Curator and how increasingly important it has become since the introduction of music technology companies.

Examples of these companies include Spotify, Amper Music, Robin, Pacemaker, and of course, Stereotheque, among others. Many of these startups are still dependent on deals with labels, to allow legal usage of music and streaming. Among these startups, your musical knowledge and creative ability can be put to the test in many new and exciting roles.

Catalogs in music streaming services are vital to keep users, old and new, returning to the service and enjoying music. Music aficionados are great for this job, especially if they are keen on a specific music genre or style, or from a particular region or town. The large companies have curators for absolutely every music genre and it’s up to them to unravel new music and upand-coming artists to keep the catalog healthy.

Startups like Spotify and Apple Music have several jobs year-round, but it can also be a good idea to look at genre-specific streaming services like IDAGIO, a Berlin-based classical music streaming service.

Stereotheque decided to get in touch with Natalia Bustamante, Catalog Manager at IDAGIO, to capture an insight into the work as a curator:

Photo by Stereotheque

“As a musician and sound artist, the last thing I imagined was ending up working in an office. I believed in IDAGIO ever since I first heard about it. So when I saw an open position in the content team, I applied immediately. My weeks consist of musicological research and discussions, music listening, managing my team and even making playlists and learning to code.”

“With this job, everyday is different. There is nothing like fulfilling dreams.”


Go to Natalia Bustamante‘s website to learn more about her, and connect on LinkedIn! Learn more about the music business with How To Land A Job In The Music Industry.



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