Playlists: Make Spotify Consider Your Song


Who doesn’t want to be featured in one of these? After being included on the most popular Playlists, hundreds of songs become instantly huge and some get to become world Hits. In our current music distribution landscape, it has become top priority to be featured in a Playlist: if your song makes it but it does not become a hit, at least you can still be sure that hundreds of thousands of listeners heard it and know you by name.

Photo by Steve Halama
These song lists curated by Editors, Users, and Algorithms are so well engineered that people love them. 

So we are not only talking about an increase in “spins” and “listens”, we are mainly talking about one of the most effective promotion tools currently available to bands and artists.

Realizing how valuable these playlists are, especially for upcoming artists, Spotify decided to make a tool that will allow artists to finally “hope” to get one song into consideration for the exclusive lists. The “Artist tool” is the name of this new feature, and it gives you the chance to submit your song for playlist consideration before being released, and it works like this:

  1. Join Spotify for Artists
  2. Tag your unreleased songs, albums
  3. Select one of your unreleased songs to continue the process
  4. Add the right information for your song – this is made up by Genre, Moods, Styles, Language, type of recording
  5. Include “City you most identify with”
  6. Song description or “story behind it”
  7. Review
  8. Submit

Spotify does say that there is no guarantee that your will end up featured on the popular playlists, but that tagging and including the right information to your song will increase the chance of being discovered later, or being picked by an algorithmic playlist to be delivered to your followers the week it comes out.

Photo by Jan Strecha

If all this works out the way it should, upcoming artists now have a slightly better chance to be discovered and featured. Since it is an easy process with possible incredible results I think this is something all bands/artists should take advantage off and aim for as many playlists possible. If you are interested in knowing more about the Music Industry and also learn from professionals, join Stereotheque to be part of the conversation!



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