What We Overlook In Music Distribution

So you finally got a hold of your Masters, and now all you want to do is upload your music to all streaming platforms so your friends, family, and fans can listen to it. For this, you will find music distribution companies to do that for you. Some years ago there would only be a couple of companies to choose from, and today, there are dozens of these. So, which one should you pick to distribute your latest release?

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There are many elements you have to consider to pick the right service for you. Commissions, flat fees, one-time payments, yearly payments, partner music stores, extra features, Performance Royalties, split shares, data and analytics, are just some of these elements that will make your head go crazy and keep you hesitant on which way to go. Sadly, there is not a final answer to this question because each musical case is different, and distribution companies will offer various services and prices that will suit some and will harm others.

However, there IS one commonly overlooked element that should be every artist’s top priority, and that is customer service.

From personal experiences, and others’, there is nothing more frustrating than a bad customer service from the company that is distributing your music to streaming platforms. Yes, we all have to understand that these companies handle a massive volume of emails and information that has to be answered and checked every day. Also, we have to acknowledge it, but, what we should all expect is consistent and reliable customer services that will help us fix any problems with our current or future releases on time.

So, why would you want to go with the company that offers you the best customer service? Because the amount of time it takes to fix an issue in today’s virtual world is crucial! Because musicians work hard to deliver quality music and artistic content to the masses on scheduled dates and times (each day is a treasure), and because these companies are the middleman between the musicians and music stores.

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We live in a world that communicates instantly, and a week can sometimes feel like a year. Problems could also arise in the “best” distribution company: issues in the submission, distribution, or release phases of the process – affecting our music release dates, information, and streaming data. So what we should all look for is a company that is committed to our art, our music: and that is the company that values our time.

The best customer service is the one that offers various channels of communication, and the one that is proportional to the amount of clients that the company provides services to. The best customer service is the one that replies within the previously established windows of time for each issue.

So if you are in the search for the right music distribution company for your music releases, you now have to go online, read comments and reviews from previous customers, ask friends and define what feels like is the best customer service for your musical situation. It is up to each one of us if we want/can pay specific fees or prefer to use commission-based payments, but it is vital to go with the company that values our art: in the end, these companies are the ones that need our music to do what they do, not the other way around.

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