Adriana Ospina: Allowing Herself to “Respirar”

After years of hard work, self-realization, and artistic exploration, the Colombian singer-songwriter and composer, Adriana Ospina, has been able to break free from self-doubt and start playing music by her own rules. She is now preparing the release of her first studio album titled “Respirar” (Spanish for “breathe”).

She wrote the album over the last three years, walking through many life experiences, insecurities, and also moving between three different cities. This collection of songs reveals Adriana’s most sensitive and vulnerable part: the one that has allowed herself to “Respirar” (breathe), and finally, sing her thoughts and feelings out.

Thanks to her relentless will to overcome her fears, Adriana has been able to record the album in its entirety, and she is now promoting a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, to raise funds needed to complete the project.

I had the great opportunity to talk with her about her story, and how the album is becoming a reality.

Photo by Mercedes Gorostiaga

Adriana Ospina was born surrounded by music and arts. She is part of four siblings that inherited the skills for art by their mother, and music by their father. Although all the siblings are artists and musicians, her two brothers decided to follow music since a young age, her sister is a painter, designer, and photographer, and in Adriana‘s case, she first went to school to study Fashion Design, but later could not deny her call for music.

Ten years ago she decided to study music. Ever since then, she has been performing in different projects and various types of music including jazz, bossa nova, pop, ballads, and many more. For those years she enjoyed her experience just as a singer, but there was something she felt she was missing in her artistry, something that would make music more personal for her: songwriting.

Photo by Andrea Torres Saa
Searching for Air

For many years, Adriana felt that there was something inside her holding her back from songwriting. She had so many things to say and express through music, but every time she wanted to write some words, a verse, her mind began to play the dark game of fears and insecurities. Thankfully for her, not so long ago, her brother Nicolás established a songwriting course in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, and she decided to enroll remotely in it.

Music is an essential part of her. All the time she denied herself off of it, she was hurting herself. For a long time, she knew she was walking in the wrong direction, and that the right way was following her music.

The First Breath
Photo by Adriana Ospina

Following Nicolás‘ guidance, Adriana was able to start writing and experimenting with her creativity. As she began to breathe, her first songs started to appear in front of her eyes while taking the songwriting course. However, it was only a year and a half later that Ospina recorded her first original song “Décimas” (included in the album) with the help of her brother Juan Andrés. They both met in Barcelona, and during the span of a weekend, he gave her that last push she needed to get in the studio and record her first original.

“With Juan‘s help, we both were able to tweak the song, record it, and also shoot the song’s video. We did all that in just one weekend.”

Thanks to her song “Décimas,” new doors were opened, and she was able to come to NYC to record an album. With her brother Juan Andrés as the producer and arranger of the album and the support of Gustavo Sulansky, who believed in Adriana’s music since he heard the first song, she was able to put the project in motion. Also, with a spectacular group of New York City-based musicians, they recorded her album “Respirar” in a two-day session at Flux Studios, this past January.

“I decided to name the album after my song “Respirar” because I feel that if we let those puzzled feelings and words leave our minds, we can un-stuck ourselves. New ideas and stories will come afterward to fill us up and bring relief.”

Photo by Silvia Ospina
The Campaign

During the recording process, Adriana noticed that she was going to need a bigger budget to complete the album. She decided to plan and launch a crowdfunding campaign to cover the Mixing, Master, and Promotion of the record. Even in today’s world, the cost to make an album like “Respirar” is still really high, and with the current revenue rate from streaming platforms, it is almost impossible to cover such budget by an independent artist.

Ospina needed someone else in her team to help her take on the crowdfunding campaign, and her sister Silvia flew over from London to help with the visual elements. She took pictures and filmed videos of all the recording process – also she was able to record backing vocals for the album. Adriana prepared all the rewards or “perks” to give back to all the campaign supporters: from books to key chains, handmade illustrations to live shows, all the “perks” were meticulously thought out and planned to bring something more than a simple reward: they were thought to deliver an experience.

“Since most people don’t have CD players anymore, I still wanted to design and print booklets for the album. I remember the experience of opening a CD case, and looking at the artist’s art, notes, production teams, and all that information while listening to my favorite music.”


Adriana has walked a long way since her first song “Décimas.”

She found out how good she is at songwriting, and how much she enjoys it. She has gone back on stage and has healed many of the wounds singing and sharing her music: her therapy. Even though fighting against insecurities is a long process, today she is at a completely different level and enjoying her music as she wanted. Besides her “Respirar” album, there are more songs ready to be recorded and shared. As of right now, through her life story, Adriana is the living example of the famous words by George Addair, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

The Indiegogo campaign is her number one priority. Almost reaching half of the budget needed, she is working hard to get to the goal and be able to share her gift to the world.

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