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There is something unique about terrestrial radio that we cannot leave in the past. Although its ratings have had a massive decline over the last decade, Radio-styled programs and narrations still vividly live on our digital reality, thanks to the Podcast.

In the last ten years, the Podcast became so dominant that even the main television news channels, newspapers, and magazines have created their original audio series’. According to the 2019 edition of The Infinite Deal survey, and later explained by The New York Times, up to now:

“more than half the people in the United States have listened to one (podcast)…”

Edison Research

Celebrities, companies, and business personalities are following up with the trend and starting to rely on the Podcast as the way to reach audiences in a more personal, intimate manner. It is a mighty tool used to create awareness, build brands, connect, and express.

Nowadays, technology allows anyone with a recording device to create and upload podcasts – even just a smartphone. And for everyone who is interested and wants to be part of the community, Spotify recently announced its partnership with the Anchor App to easily record, and upload podcasts directly to the streaming platform!

With a Podcast, you can:

  • Create personalized interviews
  • Go deep in your creative process
  • Bring in guests
  • Talk about the topics fans ask on social media
  • Create awareness for upcoming releases
  • Talk about your latest releases
  • Address social/politic/economic issues
  • Think and express your artistic personality
  • Get creative with your audience and feature them in an episode
  • Monetize Spotify streams through Anchor App
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly shows for your audience
  • Create social media content advertising the Podcast

It is not difficult to start Podcasting. This is a great guide created by our friends at DJ City showcasing both reasons why you should start a podcast, but a thorough equipment and software list. Here’s another post to help yourself guide through the planning process.

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