Isaac Matus: Chimerical Electronic Sounds

Isaac Matus is a renowned multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, sound designer and sound engineer whose versatility and expertise has brought him from Colombia to the United States and lead him to work with some of the most prominent artists and companies in the industry.

After growing up in Bogota, influenced by a variety of musical genres such as rock, Colombian music, electronic music and jazz, Isaac moved to the city of Boston in the U.S. where he studied production, composition, and sound design at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He graduated with honors in May 2018 receiving the “Richard Devine Sound Design Award”, thanks to his dazzling work creating music and sounds derived from Colombian sonorities and traditional instruments.

With a prolific and admirable musical portfolio, Isaac has worked with great personalities from the music industry such as singer Nona Hendryx, Grammy-winning Spanish producer Javier Limón, and the acclaimed Venezuelan singer and recording artist Nella Rojas – with whom he worked on the single “Me Llaman Nella.” Isaac was also leading member of the band that participated in the Caminos de Ida y Vuelta” (“Round Trip Roads”) concert that took place at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater in the city of Bogotá in 2017, playing with Carlos Vives, Toto La Momposina, Monsieur Periné, Cholo Valderrama and Monica Giraldo, among other renowned Colombian and international artists.

After moving to the United States, Isaac continued to build his resume, working with artists such as Nicolas Castañeda, Oriana Setz, MÁILO, Juan Esteban Arango, Lizje, Naty Hernandez, and Lorren Chiodo. He has also become a leading member of several acclaimed bands, such as High Key People and Grupo Rebolu, with whom he performed at South by Southwest earlier this year.

Over the years, Isaac has earned a great following as a solo artist and is widely considered to be one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the world of electronic music. He regularly headlines concerts at some of New York’s most famous clubs and theaters, such as Shapeshifter Lab, The Shrine World Music Venue, Pianos NYC, Small’s Jazz Club, and Rockwood Music Hall.

His work has also earned him recognition on national and international levels and has appeared in articles published by Colombian media outlets, such as El Pais and El Espectador, as well as the massive international media outlet Univision, which has published articles about and videos of his performances.

Currently, Isaac Matus lives in New York and works as an engineer and sound designer with the New York branch of Wave Studios (Wave Studios NY), an English company with offices in London, Amsterdam and New York City. Wave Studios NY is a renowned post-production and sound design company whose clientele includes some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Facebook, Adidas, Volkswagen, Sony, and Apple, among others. Isaac had an integral role in the sound design and production of the acclaimed advertising campaign, “The Truth Is Worth it” by the New York Times (winner of awards such as the Cannes Lion, the AICP awards and other prestigious awards). Since then, Isaac has become an invaluable and indispensable member of the team at Wave Studios NY, one of the most respected companies in the world of sound.

Isaac’s most recent solo release, “Dos Caminos” (“Two Paths”), reflects his unique approach as a composer, performer and recording artist. On the album, one can hear the experimental nature of the music, which features a fusion of Colombian and Latin American influences, modular synthesizers and an assortment of electronic instruments. All of this creates a rich and innovative musical landscape, with textures, rhythms, and effects that provide the listener with a unique sensory experience. The album was very well received by critics and fans and earned Isaac more national press from The Odyssey Online.

So what’s next for Isaac Matus? His experience and his expertise in so many areas of music performance and production have made him one of the most sought-after musicians in the industry. He has become a key member of several acclaimed bands, such as Grupo Rebolu, Xito Lovell & Q’ Xopa Collective, KUYE. He will also be working with a number of noted artists from throughout the United States, including Nella Rojas, Eva Redamonti, Nacho Gonzalez, and El Feeling Band, while continuing working with Wave Studios NY. Isaac Matus is, without a doubt, an artist that demands your attention. You can find out more about him at

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