The future: Bime 2019, music startups and winning a grant!

BIME, one of Europe’s leading music conference and festival dedicated ​to exploring new opportunities between the music industry and music startups, tech, gaming, sync and new technologies started out in 2013 with its sights set on the music of the future, with a conscious outlook to everything that happens in America (that is, the continent).

Bime in Bilbao, Spain
BIME in Bilbao, Spain

As they well explain it, “[BIME] is a meeting point for all kinds of professionals from more than 30 different countries, working in all areas of music and other cultural and creative industries. It is a space for connecting continentsdoing businesssharing knowledge and discovering the latest innovations in anything and everything directly or indirectly related to music.” The agenda will feature Jamiroquai, Alabama Shakes and Kraftwerk among others.

Stereotheque breathes and lives this kind of music festival and conference, precisely because of the impact it has on the industry at large, but also because of the keen focus on our clients and users. Our mission is to empower young creatives with the tools to acquire, curate and convert their skills into job opportunities and collaborations in music, media and entertainment, which is why we will be attending BIME LIVE and BIME PRO later this year (Oct 30 – Nov 2).

Having a distributed team allows us to tap into different incentives offered by a number of private and public organizations, including IDARTES, the entity that encourages and supports the arts in Bogota, Colombia.

We’re thrilled to be the winners for the 2019 competition “Cultural and Creative Industries Markets”,

which awards a cash grant towards the participation in the music festival and conference, as well as being part of the Bime Pro Startup competition. Our main focus is to reach more customers and users, growing our Stereotheque presence in this market.

Earlier this year, we also won the grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture to attend EXIB Musica 2019 in Setubal, Portugal. Last year, we were fortunate enough to be finalists at the Primavera Pro Startup Competition in Barcelona, as well as being 2nd place in the competition for music startups at Future Music Forum (also in Barcelona). We’ve found it particularly important to have a presence in Europe considering the uniqueness of the creative industries market, and its relation with the ecosystem which involves educational institutions, public and private actors. The more we talk with our users, the more we identify needs and how they are interested in working with people with multicultural backgrounds, building bridges to collaborate more, while having clear and direct access to a very large live and entertainment industry. We envision becoming the catalyst for young creative professional careers, generating jobs and driving more business.

And to start warming up, here’s their suggested playlist 😉