Introducing the Music Project Budget Calculator

Generating the perfect budget list for music projects has always been a tough thing to do. By the end of every project, we usually realize that many factors were left out and that costs are higher than we expected. It is easy to be surprised, and we have to remember that budgeting not only dictates how much money is needed, it also reveals how much is available.

For every project like an album, promo, or a tour, each band/artist/company has a limit amount of money allocated to cover its expenses – sometimes is more than needed, but let’s be honest, most of the times it is less. The goal is to make the best use of the money, squeezing as much quality and quantity you can within that amount. That is why the better the calculated budget, the easier to plan the roadmap.

Stereotheque's music project budget calculator
Stereotheque’s Music Project Budget Calculator

At Stereotheque, we are proud to introduce our Music Project Budget Calculator: the powerful tool that accurately estimates the costs of your next recording project.

There are not two projects alike.

Every project has a different set of variables, and we are well aware of that. Our Budget Calculator‘s power relies on detailed parameters and users’ input to estimate an accurate result. Taking into account particular information like location, to include price trends details, and studio expertise, to suggest the amount of studio time needed for the best quality material, the MPBC steps ahead from other more general calculators, delivering personalized results for the needs of each project.

The calculation process has five main categories, where each of those covers the essential elements and questions needed to estimate the budget:

  1. Start – Set the location and your current budget. Our team has conducted extensive research to understand the average price ranges, and hourly charges of multiple elements based on the project’s production location.
  2. Studio – Project type and Music Studio expertise to determine studio time
  3. Recording – A combination of musicians needed, rentals, production, plus mixing and mastering.
  4. Business – Online distribution, management, and promotion needs.
  5. Final Details – Income Analysis to break even through streaming services’ revenue. 
After finishing, download your copy as a PDF file, with all the information laid out!

Budgeting is crucial for the financial success of your endeavors. Every company in every industry needs to know its numbers. If you have not yet considered your band/music project as a business, and you have not taken a look at your financial power, we invite you to try out the MPBC and get ahead: budgeting will let you know where you stand and will guide the actions needed to achieve your desired project. 

 Find and use our free tool here: Music Project Budget Calculator



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