4 Reasons Why Shakira and JLo Are in Super Bowl LIV

Continuing in our music and sports-related news here is another big piece of news that reveals the power of music in the world’s markets. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are confirmed to perform at the Super Bowl LIV‘s Pepsi Halftime Show. The game, scheduled February 2, 2020, in the city of Miami, FL, will be honored to have the talents of these two female megastars, who will surely deliver a bigger, better, and spectacular show than last year’s criticized performance by Maroon 5. Football fans have come out to doubt this co-hosting duo as the right choice to perform at the show, but here we give you four reasons why they ARE the right choice.

The NFL is looking to increase the game’s international audience compared to last year’s count, and are requiring the help of two of the finest in pop music history.


Apart from her three world tours (so far), Shakira is considered as the “wife of World Cups” by millions of soccer fans as she holds three straight appearances at the FIFA World Cup’s closing ceremonies. From 2006 in Germany to 2010 in South Africa, following with 2014 in Brasil, Shakira is pretty familiar with the importance and production levels of these world-class events.

And on JLo‘s side, she also has a world tour under her belt and a performance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup’s opening ceremony. Jennifer Lopez has performed at the Grammy Awards, VMA’s, and enough televised ceremonies and shows to shine on the Halftime Show’s stage. Also, thanks to her new movie “Hustlers” she’s now getting Oscar’s buzz.

Through the years, both of them have developed fame for their fantastic over-the-top live shows. With dancers, live musicians, pyro, lights, choreography, Shakira and JLo are always ready to get on that stage and deliver.

Latin Roots and the City of Miami

The city of Miami is home to one of the largest concentrations of Latin American immigrants in the United States. Coming from all countries in Latin America and especially Cuba, families have set in the city, bringing rich, diverse culture, music, and the famous nickname “the capital of Latin America.”

Bringing together the two most prominent Anglo-Latin artists in history is just right, and fair: if the organizers were looking to evoke the host city’s culture and mix, Shakira and JLo are the best cards. Lopez was born to Puerto Rican parents in The Bronx, and given the Keys of the City of Miami by the Major. and Shakira was born and raised in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, and lived many years in Miami.

Thanks to their bilingual repertoires, audiences, and collaborations, this show will be inclusive for Football fans of different countries and even people who do not care about the sport at all.

Collabs throughout their career

Nowadays, it is common for the Halftime Show hosts to bring out other artists to feature one or two songs with them at certain portions of the show. Throughout their careers, JLo and Shakira have collaborated and featured in songs with the biggest names in music history. Fans will be in for a treat with a possible roster of guest artists (old/new) that our hosts might want to invite on the biggest stage in the world.

We are talking about the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Iggy Azaela, French Montana, LL Cool J, Cardi B, Will.I.Am, Santana, Carlos Vives, Blake Shelton, Maná, Alejandro Sanz, Wyclef Jean.

Through their long and successful careers, Shakira and JLo have not yet worked together, but have shared big-name collaborations. During the mid-2000s, both worked with four-time Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Timbaland. In recent years, stars Pitbull and Maluma have both collaborated with our megastars and might be possible guests at the Halftime Show.

World Wide Audiences

The Super Bowl‘s Half Time show is the biggest televised show in the world. The game might be for Football lovers, but the show is almost global property. Organizers have to make sure they can attract enough audience to keep up the prices of the famous “Super Bowl commercials.” The cost to air a 30 seconds-long ad during the game is in the millions of dollars, $5.25 to be more exact.

Shakira and JLo are already world-renown megastars, and their presence ensures millions and millions of fans tuning in to watch the show: There will be almost no gamble by betting on them.

Last year, the Super Bowl reported the lowest audience in the previous 11 years, with JLo and Shakira, the NFL is betting on non-football fans around the world to tune in and see these two for the first time together on stage. Bringing new audiences might also be beneficial to the NFL by sparkling interests in new companies and brands from foreign markets to pay for ad spots.

Tune in on February 2, 2020, to catch Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the Pepsi’s Halftime Show on Super Bowl LIV.

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