5 reasons to attend the Barcelona Jazz Festival 2019

Get ready for one of the finest music festivals out there. Voll Damm, the beer brand from S.A. Damm, has everything ready for the Voll-Damm Barcelona International jazz festival, starting on Oct 19, 2019. As one of the most important jazz festivals of its kind in the world in one of the most musical and artistic European cities, the Voll-Damm festival has made a name for itself.

Year after year, the jazz festival attracts the biggest acts in the world of jazz. With fifteen of the best venues in the beautiful city of Barcelona, attendees can expect the highest level of quality for each of the experiences. A must-go-to for all fans of this extraordinary style of music, the Voll-Damm’s meticulous planning takes place all year round in order to produce a festival that manages to balance heavyweight artists with up-and-coming names in a program that is always appealing. (Photo credit from jazz.barcelona).

With all kinds of activities, such as concerts, master classes, conferences or even meetings with the amazing artists, the Voll Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival is without a doubt the perfect event for enjoying the best jazz sounds and listening to great music. The Voll-Damm Jazz, is an ongoing festival that stretches dates all the way to February 2020! There is enough time for you to get tickets and attend one of the finest artistic celebrations in Europe.

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Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock is a multi-faceted creative. Among his many skills, he is an accomplished pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, composer and even actor. He is considered to be one of the most influential jazz keyboard practitioners since Thelonious Monk, and has even had stints with other big acts including John Mayer, among others.


Juan De Marcos Afro-Cuban All Stars

Juan de Marcos González is considered as the man who teamed up with guitarist Ry Cooder to create Buena Vista Social Club. But González was busy celebrating the history of Cuban music long before Cooder arrived on the scene. In an interview with Rootsworld, he said: "We wanted to be like tropical Jimmy Hendrixes," he recalled. "Despite my passion for rock and R & B, I also listened to a lot of Cuban classics." This beautiful blend of Afro-Cuban mix with jazz and rock will surely make you get up on your feet.



The Vintage Clock

A fresh, fun, young and feminine act titled The Vintage Clock mixes harmonized voices and traditional swing and percussion. These multi-instrumentalists will definitely make you sway and dance to the beat. 


The Campbell Brothers

Old-school blues, steel guitars and beat-infused energy is what makes The Campbell Brothers so worth to listen and watch live. Chuck Campbell started to play the steel guitar at the age of 12, and along with his other band mates, they were deeply influenced by the African-American Holiness-Pentecostal repertoire. Mixed with the growling, wailing, shouting, swinging and singing of the steel guitar, this is a unique show.


  • Tuesday 17 december
  • 20.30 h.
  • From 18 €


Dúo del Mar

This charismatic duo is absolutely worth every second of watching. A crisp and authentic delivery of classical, contemporary and flamenco music is the common denominator of every performance by these two girls. Marta Robles, one of Spain’s most praised flamenco soloists, and the awarded classical guitarist Ekaterina Záytseva go one step further in what concerns to flamenco and classical fusion. They bring together power and passion to fuse the best of flamenco and Spanish guitar, interpreting great classics and their own compositions in a unique and vibrant live experience. 


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