Gorillaz and Lasers at the Planetarium!

Great news for all music, technology, and lighting design fans in the capital city of Colombia! The Planetario de Bogotá is bringing back the famous “Show de Lásers” with new incredible visuals to perform along with the music of one of the greatest bands in the world: GORILLAZ. Presented at the Planetario’s dome theatre, the 23-meter screen will be the canvas for the laser show that will entertain fans like never before.

For the past years, the Planetario features the laser shows opening a space for music, and various other arts to come closer with the stars. This initiative is aiding to the cultural and artistic sector of the “bogotanos,” opening new opportunities for the audiences to experience world-class events, and it is reinforcing the cultural scenes of the city. Check out our article talking about the importance of cultural infrastructure here.

Last year, the Planetario hosted a laser show to honor Queen‘s music and its impact on history. The show was well acclaimed and opened the doors for this new production.

The Show

The show is a little under an hour-long, and all attendees will experience Gorillaz’s greatest hits like Clint Eastwood, 19-2000, On Melancholy Hill, and more! The “virtual band” started back in 1998 in the UK by Damon Albarn, and the designer, illustrator, and animator, Jamie Hewlett. Thanks to their unique blend of rhythms, unmistakable artwork, and “mystery” behind them, the band became a global reference since the early 2000s. Gorillaz was able to create a visual and auditive universe on its own, and a laser show at a planetarium sure feels like a great fit!

Shows are every Thursday, Friday, Saturday night, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. And the season lasts all through October and November!

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