Artist Highlight: Morat


It wasn’t long ago when a group of teenage musicians from Bogotá, Colombia, decided to group up and take over the Latin music world with a new and fresh proposal. Morat is the name of the band created by those teens who have grown up with their music to become the symbols of pop/folk in Spanish. Celebrating their second Latin-Grammy nomination, with chart-topping songs, and constant touring, Morat is now the phenomenal movement that still bets on deep, meaningful lyrics, sounds, and performances in today’s pop music scene.

Their short but outstanding career broke through after their deal and collaboration with the five-time Latin-Grammy nominee, Paulina Rubio. The song “Mi Nuevo Vicio,” was written by Morat and Mauricio Rengifo (songwriter, artist in Cali Y El Dandee, producer – Despacito), and later released under Paulina’s name, featuring the band in 2015. Also, thanks to this genius move, Morat charted in several lists going Gold in Mexico and two times Platinum in Spain, taking them to the #1 spot in the European country.

The Band

The band takes the reins of their music since the songwriting process to the record production and live performance. The four of them are multi-instrumentalists, even sharing lead vocals between them all in various songs, giving Morat a clear and exciting distinction in a Latin pop scene plagued by “urban” artists and duos.

Special mention to Alejandro Posada, who was the first drummer until stepping down.


The band has a great member on their team: Pedro Malaver, the band’s manager. He not only took the band’s hand since the early stages and guided them to where they are right now, but Pedro has also been part of the musical processes as a songwriter. Throughout his successful career involved in top-charting projects like Cali Y El Dandee, it is appropriate to highlight his efforts to integrate music and business to comprehend the bigger picture.


The band has now released collaborations with superstar Juanes, Andrés Cepeda, Cali Y El Dandee, Nabález, and Spanish star Aitana. With over seven million monthly listeners on Spotify, MORAT is set to release more hits for many years to come.

Currently touring, Morat is playing shows in Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain. Find their upcoming schedule HERE to watch them live and experience what they are all about.

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