5 Podcast Creation Apps To Get You Started

In our current era, it is now easier than ever to create incredible high-quality content, publish it, and start earning some amount of money via streaming and also by sponsorships. Thanks to the Podcast creation and its boom, thousands of people around the globe are now creating shows daily, covering an unimaginable amount of topics and stories. Even though it will never entirely displace radio, technology has made the Podcast an essential part of our daily lives thanks to its prerecorded shows, available for free listening 24/7 around all devices and locations connected to the world wide web.

The biggest companies in music, media, and user-created content are all getting on board Podcasting. Apple decided to invest more work on their “Podcasts” app, and have also embedded it on their latest OS for desktop and laptops. And Spotify not only added Podcast shows to their streaming platform, but they are also creating something interesting getting to integrate them on music playlists.

For all the creatives out there that want to start their Podcast show to talk and review their favorite topics, we made a list of 5 popular Podcast creation apps out there that will get you going even with no experience at all.


The Anchor App is aimed mostly for audio first-timers. Available for mobile and desktop versions, the app focuses on interface ease, taking the user step by step on the recording, editing, and publishing processes. Direct upload to streaming stores is available through Anchor.

Users can record directly to the app; no need to have prerecorded material. The edition process is fun thanks to banks of “transitions” and other effects that will make the show sound somewhat professional. You can even record a phone call directly to the app. However, the editing system lacks essential audio functions, sacrificed by the ease of use. The app is free to use but comes at the cost of heavy branding by the company.


Spreaker is a Podcast listening app that also counts with its Creation app “Spreaker Podcast Studio.” Available for smartphones, tablets, or desktop devices, Spreaker Studio differentiates from other apps by offering “Live streaming” audio diffusion. Spreaker is for users throughout the experience spectrum: it has easy to follow steps, but users can also go deep on functionalities and edition processes.

The app allows users to distribute their content to multiple platforms and monetize on their streams. With paid subscriptions to the Spreaker platform, users can control ads and can follow real-time statistics on show performance.


The PodBean app is another Listening app with a Podcast creation function. Offering the same main features as its competitors, PodBean differentiates, thanks to its direct focus on creating a complete Podcast channel and experience for its users.

On desktop service, the company made sure users have a Website Builder to feature their podcasts. PodBean allows high customization making it an excellent choice for users with big plans on Podcasting. Also, the company developed a “crowdfunding” tool directly through PodBean.


The Cast app makes Podcasting easy with three main pillars, “The Studio,” “The Editor,” and “The Publisher.” The app focuses on continually updating its technology, offering better tools to give users the possibility to create the best-sounding podcasts in the market.

Cast app is looking for more experienced users: not only Podcast-experienced but also audio engineering and some production sense. Tools like “intelligent noise reduction,” “punch-ins,” and audio compression, give users profound edition freedom. 


The Zencastr App is a powerful Podcasting tool. It is quite different from the other apps in that it does not offer any hosting, meaning that users will need to find another distribution service to upload episodes to streaming platforms. However, even though many will see this as a disadvantage, Zencastr is centered over recording, more specifically in remote interviews in “studio quality.”

Zencastr users can record remote interviews with multiple guests at the same time, with separate Tracks per guest, with just one invite link. Other tools like live editing and automatic postproduction allow users to get the highest quality audio in WAV format.

Podcast Creation

Take a tour between these incredible apps and start your podcasting dream! If you already have a Podcast, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @stereotheque and let us know about it!

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