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Meet Hermética

On our constant search for the artists and professionals that are pushing the lines of creativity in music and entertainment, we tend to encounter fascinating projects of people devoted to their crafts, dreams, and inspirations. This time, we were able to get in contact with Colombian audiophiles Paul Libbos Braun and Juan Puerto, to learn all about their duo, “Hermética.”

They both met as neighbors. Juan is a lawyer who knows how to mix and DJ vinyl records, and Paul is a writer and multi-instrumentalist producer. After discovering their shared “audio-quality obsession” for music, they started to hang out to talk about their love for music, Rock music, ’70s, 80’s music. One night, hanging out with some friends at Paul’s, Hermética was born almost as an act of destiny.

In Paul’s words…

“It all happened just four days before an event I (Paul) was promoting at Armando Records, and I had booked Juan to perform in it. That night, hanging out with other friends, I suggested to Juan that we should play the show together – I always felt that his fantastic set and my guitar effects could make something great together. So we opened my home recording studio, hooked up the gear, and jammed for a while. Our friends who were present loved the sounds we were creating and encouraged us to keep playing.

Four days later, we played together at Armando Records, and people loved our music proposal. We started the duo since that night, and then Juan brought the name “Hermética” from our shared interests in mysticism.”

The Show

The duo keeps their essence throughout their shows. For all live performances, Hermética’s gear set is made up of Paul’s Gibson Les Paul Standard that runs through his all-analog pedalboard, and Juan either on the vinyl record players or the digital controller. And since we are talking about real-life audiophiles, if they’re using the digital controller, they make sure to digitalize all vinyl sounds Hermética needs to perform at the highest sonic quality.

“We are very demanding audiophiles. We both own Hi-Fi sound equipment in our homes: Juan prefers Bowers & Wilkins, but I go with the Danish made Dali‘s. For our live performances, we agree the best ones are Funktion-One, like the ones at Video Club, Baum, and Kaputt clubs. As for mixers, Allen & Heath brand is our pick and Technics for the turntables.”

Hermética is continuously searching and looking out for new music, even outside the electronic realm. The duo’s musical influences come from each decade’s biggest songs, albums, and artists. For Paul, he feels that acts with the most substantial impact on their music are Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, Guns n’ Roses, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and the Argentinian band Soda Stereo. Not stopping there, they also have heavy rotation on their disco and funk records like Chic, Heatwave, Electric Light Orchestra, and many others.


The duo is finally making it out of their hometown after extraordinary shows in Bogotá’s exceptional and demanding nightlife. Juan and Paul aim to expand their presence to the city of Medellín and the world-famous city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast of the country. Also, Hermética is making contact with musical collectives in Barcelona, making the right efforts to book a date in the first half of 2020.

Catch Hermética NEXT WEEK!! – Saturday 16th @ Vintrash!
November 22nd @ Baum 
November 29th @ Bacatá

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