New Sounds With: Armenia

New Sounds With: Armenia

Are you constantly longing for some good Synth Pop to spin up your day? Lucky for all of us, there is one band that is bringing those timeless sounds to our current music atmospheres and schemes. Meet Armenia! The Colombian band that just released their first LP “Violeta” in September and that has taken the local Alt scene by storm.

The Members

The Sound

The band’s sound is notably influenced by The Police, Vampire Weekend, The Vaccines, The 1975, among others. And Toro’s vocal deliveries at times draw vibes from SouthAmerican legends Gustavo Cerati and Spinetta.

“Violeta” is a beautifully crafted album. It is easy to tell that elements have been thought out and contemplated to take the listener somewhere else on each song. With smart transitions between groove changes, optimum mix balance, and very well achieved guitar/synth sound effects, we can say that nothing has been left out unattended: a huge win for a debut album! Also, even with its anglo synth-pop sound, “Violeta” is unmistakably a South-American product.

Not convinced yet? Check out their cover of “Pienso en Tu Mirá” by Rosalía!

This first album is not only a presentation card; it’s also a statement.


Catch them out TONIGHT @ Disco Jaguar in Bogotá, Colombia.

Armenia gets on stage @ 10:00pm

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