Babelgam: Sounds From Bogotá

In The City…

Welcome to the sounds of one of the biggest cities in Latin America. Assembled in the characteristic Bogota, Colombia, the band Babelgam is one of the several sonic reflections of a city scarred by its history and the ongoing hustle lived by everyone who’s attached to it. The band was formed in June 2017 by a group of four “Bogotanos” who find their art in an intent to explain the daily experiences of their city and other bizarre situations. With their “doom pop” and “dolorcachaco” sounds, Babelgam is already building its space in the Latin American Alternative scene. 

The Band

  • Juan Tuaty
  • Eduardo Quintero
  • Adolphe Beltran
  • Nicolas Cruz

Babelgam released the “Mar de Hiladas” album this past July with instant hits like “Hikikomori” and “Tunel.” Owning their “post-punk” sound, the band focuses on amplifying their deeper feelings with strong thought out guitar riffs and arrangements, a bold bass performance, drums that drive your heartbeat, and vocals that take you deep down to the band’s societal feelings. The album features an excellent qual-quality production by Felipe Rondon (from band Telebit). Guitar and Vocal effects are characteristic of Babelgam‘s Art-punk movement. 

The Looks

The Band’s looks and all visual environments they create are not additions, but extensions to their sonic expression. Carefully selected outfits by all band members portray their passion for detail and emotional expression. The band also goes a step further, establishing dress codes for their shows and for all fans to follow to attend. Babelgam is tackling all artistic aspects and is leaving nothing to luck, that explains their quick rising and impact not only in Bogota, but in other cities like Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, and Lima. 

Babelgam in FEP 2020

Babelgam is no stranger to live performances. In fact, their early success and strong following is a result of their amazing, energetic shows. The band constantly performing in Bogotá, and has been selected to participate in Colombia’s biggest music festival, Festival Estereo Picnic 2020!

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