Raise your voice: Protests in Latin America

Wake up call…

For months now, the world has been a witness of the “sudden” rise in protests throughout Latin America. Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, are all currently holding hundreds of pacific and some turn-violent protests by the citizens of each country, demanding change in a region on a constant fight against its history. Dictatorships, “communism,” “democracies,” social inequalities, lack of education, absence of the State, liberals, and conservatives, are some of the significant causes of this abused American continent.

Even though these demonstrations seem “sudden,” protests and the Latin people’s needs have been ongoing for so many years, to the point that pop music branches of music reached out to express the people’s voices through the decades. Here we give you a shortlist of these songs and sounds that rumble corruption and empower the people through their protests!

Calle 13 – Latinoamérica

All of us, the peoples from Latin America, are made of the crossing paths and lucks of countless cultures, backgrounds, stories, and beliefs. We are not “all-in-one” but rather “all-in-all” (as redundant as it sounds, it’s not the same). Our differences and mixes are what makes us stand out from the rest of the world, and it has also been the main breakpoint used by powerful agendas to separate, debilitate, and restrain all of us. We are unique and strong!

Los Prisioneros – El Baile de Los Que Sobran

Chile has had one of the toughest but powerful protests so far. The current government made the country look as a role model to the region, but it is now crumbling. The students, “los que sobran,” some of which are left with no real opportunities after school, took the lead to protest and change the “fake” reality of stability created by the government. This 1980’s song is still (sadly) the anthem for the movement.



Molotov – Gimme Tha Power

The Mexican band takes you on a ride to meet the feelings of the most socially affected by governmental policies and systematic abuse of power by police and law enforcement organizations in Latin America. Gimme the Power is a call to take real action to expect a change and stop giving more control to those already up there, “si le das más poder al poder, más duro te van a venir a coger…”

Orishas – Emigrantes

Millions of Latin Americans have had to leave their home countries to find opportunities and a real future overseas. For them, coming back is a dream, a goal, even if it easy to see all the flaws seem never to end. At the same time, the song calls out the ones that leave and forget about their origins.



Tego Calderón – Loiza

Tego Calderon details the world how it is to live on the poorest and excluded neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic. Systematic racism is still present in a continent defined by the crossing and mix of world peoples.

Aterciopelados – Canción Protesta

Aterciopelados dare to raise their voices against political profiling in a continent obsessed with generalizations. “Suena otra canción protesta, pero no la llamen terrorista, no es que sea anti patriota, es que trae otro punto de vista” – Another protest song sounds, but don’t call it terrorist, it’s not that it’s anti-patriotic, it’s that it brings another point of view, warns the band.

Alexis Play – El Pueblo

Even though change is unusual, the peoples stand strong in hopes of a better future. Peoples want to be heard. In a democracy, it is the people who elect the government, and it is the people who hold the real power. Alexis Play sings to remind us of the power we hold and the respect we all deserve from those public elected officials.

Doctor Krápula – Bam

Una historia que todavía nos persigue hasta nuestros días. Es triste y repugnante ver cómo un número considerable de personas ha resultado en el uso de la potencia de fuego para cumplir sus deseos. Grupos armados ilegales contra la policía, los militares, los carteles de la droga, mientras todos los ciudadanos intentan vivir una vida “normal” en medio de estas interminables batallas violentas. We are all tired of the BAM!


Chocquibtown – Somos Pacífico

The Pacific coast in Colombia is one example of the endurance of Latin Americans. Not only one of the most neglected regions in the country with health, education, and security problems, but it is still a land of hope and life. Chocquibtown tells us how to celebrate the strength and endurance of its people in spite of the low state presence. This protest lays in the group’s pride to be born there, “No se rinde el que nacio donde por todo hay que luchar.”

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