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Encarta 98

It is becoming harder to find music that strikes hidden feelings and thoughts. However, every once in a while, there are sounds that cut through the noise to reach inside your head. Cruising through the oceans of new music, I have had the opportunity to listen to many new proposals and ideas by some of the best musicians out there. This time, roaming in the alternative music scene of Bogotá, I ran up with Encarta 98 and its shoegaze sound.

The Band

The Colombian band formed in 2015 in the city of Bogotá and has released various singles and one EP from 2017 until now. Influenced by bands like Beach House, Slowdive, DIIV, and My Bloody Valentine, the first release was a single titled “Corriendo,” released on December 24, 2017, which later became the first song on Encarta 98‘s first 4-song EP “E://98“.


  • Sergio Londoño
  • Ivanna Palacio
  • David Rivera
  • JC Ortiz
  • Javier Gómez

Following the EP’s release, the band made a clever move by releasing two of their unedited song demos as Bonus material. It is always a great idea to give followers a chance to glance into the music’s creative and human process, also helping with the promotional campaign.

The Sound

The band’s predominant shoegaze and dream-pop sounds will take you on a sonic voyage. Encarta 98 likes to set different atmospheres while highlighting each of the elements in the songs. Vocals are not necessarily the main element but rather accompaniment, and the band gives songs just enough of the right lyrics.

The Tour

Encarta 98 is stepping firmly not only in Bogotá’s music scene but in the country’s and abroad. After continually performing in the most important cities in Colombia, the band is celebrating the end of their successful “Mexico 98” tour through six cities around Mexico.

And as if it weren’t enough, the band was also selected to perform at the Festival Estero Picnic 2020 – one of the most famous music festivals in Latin America where bands and artists like The Killers, Jack White, Nine Inch Nails, and many more have headlined.

This year, the band released their single “Retomar” in September, and just a couple of days ago, a second single “El Silencio” dropped on all streaming platforms. Find the new song below!!

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Check Encarta 98‘s latest single “El Silencio”

*Header picture taken from @encarta98 on Instagram



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