The Power of The “14 Cañonazos Bailables”

Since 1961

For over fifty years, the Colombian people have had the absolute privilege of celebrating each December with the best local music of the year. The legendary “14 Cañonazos Bailables” compilation, has survived through the pass of time, change in music trends, and music distribution, to bring a historically divided country into celebration and the Holidays’ rejoice. Thanks to Mr. Toño Fuentes, and his “Discos Fuentes” record Label, what started as a business idea is now a Colombian tradition and celebration symbol.

Dusting Off The Classics

The 14 Cañonazos, as it is commonly known, is made of various music styles like Cumbias, Porros, Salsa, Vallenato. Throughout the decades, the most prominent local artists have had their songs included in one or multiple “volumes” of this exclusive compilation. Even though the 14 Cañonazos have evolved over the decades and brought in new music, the compilation still curates the classics that make all Colombians dance.

In December, besides Christmas carols and “Villancicos,” Colombians are now used to the sounds of the 14 Cañonazos. Even when the actual copy of the compilation is not around, people refer to these songs as “14 Cañonazos” music, and those artists that have made part of the tradition, remain contemporary even for the newer generations.

Even now in the Streaming age, we can see the effects that the 14 Cañonazos has had in the Colombian traditions. These next two graphs show the number of listeners and streams of the artists Joe Arroyo and Diomedes Diaz. These two are commonly associated with the compilation, and we can see that the peaks in music consumption are always during December.

Streams count
Listeners count

The Icon

Because of its extraordinary success, other record labels and publishing companies decided to release their local-music compilations for the December Holidays. Through the years, few compilations proved success like La Otra Rumba with its pop-focused curation and Puro Chucu-Chucu with its vallenato and cumbia classics. Still, many others could not keep up with the transcendence of the 14 Cañonazos Bailables.

We hope you can enjoy this compilation as much as most Colombians do during the Holidays and New Year’s. HERE we have linked the official, full digital discography of this Colombian tradition! Enjoy!

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*Graph information taken from Spotify for Artists database



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