The Creatr Podcast Ep.01 – JYOTY: Building a Music Career on Your Own Terms

Jyoty – London

Jyoty is a London-based multi-faceted creative originally from Amsterdam. For almost ten years, she has been able to develop a unique career as a creative producer at Mixcloud, a world-touring DJ, radio host at Rinse FM, and a co-founder of print-only The Move music magazine.

Learn how this music lover went from managing the door at London’s Boiler Room to touring the world as a DJ and radio host!

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Welcome to the CREATR Podcast by Stereotheque!
Join us, alongside our host Maria Elisa, on our debut season with the best interviews from top-tier professionals in the music, media, and entertainment industries.

This season is brought to you in part by the Future Music Forum.

The Future Music Forum is an annual international music conference based in Barcelona that gathers the leading minds in the world of music to exchange views on how music is being shared in today’s digital age and discuss new developments taking place in music technology.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Being a multi-faceted creative
  • How DJ-ing is one of the most profitable things Jyoty has done
  • Learning to be a radio host on the spot! Tips and tricks
  • Becoming a ‘specialist’ in UK music
  • Traveling the world and living the dream
  • Going from writing political speeches in Parliament to hosting and DJing
  • Establishing a network of labels, artists, PR companies
  • How to become a DJ? 
  • Hosting workshops for females interested in DJing
  • Record yourself and become accessible
  • Social media and platforms are your best friend
  • Why house parties are the best way to get started
  • The trick with the ‘opening slot.’
  • What does a creative producer do?
  • The importance of having mentors
  • Want to start a print magazine? Here’s how
  • Why brands need you more than you need them
  • The economic and social stories behind music projects
  • Having loads of fun and getting paid to do it
  • It’s OK to have a ton of jobs- that’s how your story pays off
  • The power of NO
  • A great song recommendation


  1. Jyoty 
  2. Mixcloud
  4. The Move Magazine
  5. Razzmatazz
  6. Georgia Taglietti / @Geonaima
  7. She Said So
  8. Sonar Festival
  9. The Nest
  10. Amp Fiddler
  11. Mac Ayres (Instagram)
  12. Mac Ayres – “Better”
  13. Joe Budden Podcast

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