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MISI Producciones

Maria Isabel Murillo – Misi
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MISI Producciones has been Colombia’s most important musical theatre production company for over thirty years. Maria Isabel Murillo, known as Misi, founded the “MISI: Escuela de Teatro Musical” ( MISI: musical theatre school) back in 1985 with a mission to be “a platform for cultural and creative development for the consolidation of musical theater in Colombia.” Starting MISI in a country that was mostly outside of the musical theatre world seemed like a tough challenge, but one Maria Isabel wanted to fulfill. Today, after three decades, 25,000 students have attended classes, and more than one and half million spectators have seen the company’s 30+ shows. 

After presenting shows in some of the world’s most prestigious stages like the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, or the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in the city of Miami, MISI Productions keeps forming the finest and most integral performance artists in the country and Latin America. Also, keeping up with Maria Isabel’s top-quality standards of artistry, this year, MISI Producciones is presenting “Simplemente Navidad” (Simply Christmas) their famous and traditional Christmas show that each year brings the magic of the Christmas spirit to the Colombian audiences.

Simplemente Navidad

Simply Christmas” is a show about a journey where we can discover the true essence of Christmas. One day in Bogotá everything turns gray for Martin (Matias Held) and Pedro (Nicolás Giraldo) the children of Cristina (Juliana Reyes) and grandchildren of Grandfather Hernando (Diego León Hoyos) who with the help of Santa Claus (Juan Mondragón) return to believe in the Magic (Maria José Camacho) and the Spirit (Carlos David Salazar) of Christmas returning home, family and love at this time of year. The music pays tribute to the musical legacy of the pioneer of musical theater in Colombia: Maria Isabel Murillo. It also includes the classics like “The earth dresses up” and “Dare to dream,” orchestrated by Tony Award winner Larry Hochman.

Devoted to MISI’s Magic

Thanks to Maria Isabel’s dream and unresting efforts, what started as a handful of creatives and a group of children excited about art, is now a community that transcends generations. Family is what matters most, and MISI Producciones is the epitome of a company forged by the love of art and the mission to build a better country through education and the creation of opportunities. Those kids that started performing years ago under Misi’s direction are now part of the group of the most skilled Musical Theatre professionals in Latin America and the world, and they are now the ones who run the show!

These are the artists in charge of bringing the Magic to this year’s Colombian Christmas:

  • Directed by: Felipe Salazar
  • Book and Script by: Juan Mondragón, Maria Clara Torres y Ricardo Aponte.
  • Choreographies by: Ruben Montoya,
  • Acting Direction by: Christian Ballesteros,
  • Music Direction by: de Leonardo Palacios
  • Music Conducting by: Ricardo Jaramillo

Only 4 More Shows!!!

From today on, there are only four shows left before the end of Simplemente Navidad’s run! If you happen to be out there in Bogota, Colombia, stop what you are doing, and follow this link to get your tickets for the best Christmas show in town! Take the time to enter MISI’s world of magic and artistry, presented at the fabulous Teatro Colsubsidio!


This 2019, Colombia and the Musical Theatre world remember Maria Isabel Murillo – Misi. Her life and works for culture and Colombia are celebrated every day by those who grew under her guidance, those who continue it, and all of us others who have had the chance to grasp the magic of her world and her legacy.

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