Get Ready for NAMM 2020

Closer and Closer!

Get ready for the biggest, most important, music and entertainment gear convention in the United States! The world-famous NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show is just right around the corner, and we cannot wait to see all the new gear that will advance music production and its live performance! With over 115,000 registrants from 139 countries around the world and around $11 billion in combined budgets, the top companies and brands from the music, sound, and entertainment industries will meet again at Anaheim’s Convention Center, in the state of California from January 16-19.


The NAMM show was born in 1901 when fifty-two members of the National Piano Manufacturers Association of America formed together. As we can imagine, the Association’s first name was the “National Association of Piano Dealers of America.” The next year, the first annual convention and trade show was held in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. 

In the beginning, only Piano dealers were part of the Association, and every year the convention would do its best to bring some new complementary material and benefits to its members. That is how in 1917, the Association set its focus towards music education and fair trade for late teens to bring their attention and involve them in the convention and musical world. In 1919, “NAMM” became the official title – the National Association of Music Merchants – opening the doors to a broader range of companies, and musical gear dealers. 

NAMM did not hold a trade show in 1932 and 1934 as a result of the Great Depression’s economic catastrophe.

Through the years, the NAMM convention has worked to build a place for all Music lovers to unite around innovation and passion. Fast forward to 2001, and NAMM celebrates its 100th anniversary. In 2016, NAMM reported the highest International member companies in its history – 29% of members are from overseas, and attendance topped over 100,000 for the first.

MIDI Introduction to The World.

Behringer analog synth

One crucial and revolutionary invention was introduced to the world for the first time at the 1984 convention – MIDI. Right in time of essential advancements and increase interest in electronic music production, and gear production, Roland founder, Ikutaro Kakehashi, decided to find a solution to the problem of the lack of standardized means for synchronizing electronic musical instruments developed and manufactured by different companies.

 It quickly became a joint work and of interest between Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Kawai, Oberheim Electronics, Sequential Circuits, and Moog Music. MIDI that stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface was first demonstrated publicly at the 1983 NAMM Show – a setup that linked a Prophet 600 Synthesizer with a Roland JP-6 Synthesizer. 

The impact was notorious. The connection expanded from instrument-to-instrument synchronization to instrument-computer as well. Electronic instrument’s sales soared, as well as the production of music software. And also, MIDI helped establish the famous Home Recording Studio. 

Who Attends NAMM?

Taken from

Buyers and sellers come together each year from over 130 countries and regions around the world. The attendance record is over 115,000 registrants during the four days of the show. 

Sellers that attend the NAMM show come from seven main groups: 

  • Domestic retailers
    • Guitar Center
    • Sweetwater
    • and more…
  • International buyers
  • Sound
    • The pro-audio community and live sound leaders
      • Sony
      • Pixar
      • Universal Studios
      • Amazon
      • and more…
  • Entertainment Technology
    • Lighting, staging, and other event technologies.
  • Venues
  • Houses of Worship
    • A strong worship base in the Southwest brings facilities looking for cutting-edge audio, A/V, and event solutions for their productions.
  • Schools and Universities
    • Administrators of top schools, as well as faculty, attend NAMM to find the right set-ups for performing arts centers and classrooms. 

Keep an Eye Out For…

All participants of the NAMM show bring innovative and top-quality products and services. If you are attending, make the best of your time walking around, visiting booths, experiencing the Demos of your favorite brands, and awaited releases.

The rumors of Fender Guitars launching a Tom Morello Signature Soul Power Guitar.

Ibanez launching a new Steve Vai PIA model.

ProCo Sound will debut the W.I.E.M.S. in-ear monitoring system.

Danelectro will display their 3699 fUZZ, fOXX Tone Machine clone, and more Guitar Pedals.


The 2020 NAMM show will take place at Anaheim’s Convention Center, in the state of California from January 16-19.

Get your tickets here.

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