Hip Hop fan? Here’s the Universal Hip Hop Museum

If we talk about music genres, the conversation might be endless. We could go down a rabbit hole and explore hundreds and even thousands of subjective phrases that describe in one way or the other a track. As music creation has increased systematically over the past decade, so have cultures, in the sense that there’s more multiculturalism across geographies.

Thus, music is a reflection to a certain degree of a snapshot in history, yet there’s a number of music ‘movements’ that continue to evolve, feeding off from previous creations, and leading the way for a universe of exploration. Hip Hop is one of these music movements that has changed the world, its culture, and the way people identify with its roots.

A museum for music, culture and history

L+M Development Partners

In 2023, the Universal Hip Hop Museum will open its doors. It will showcase hip hop artifacts and interactive displays where visitors can get the recording booth experience, and other features. The Universal Hip Hop Museum will occupy 50,000 square feet in Bronx Point, the ‘birthplace of the culture’.

The cultural elements rooted deep inside of the Bronx are evident in this text shown on the museum’s website:

“The global evolution of hip hop was first fueled by a thirst for peace, unity and funspirited rap battles and break dance competitions in parks, recreation centers, local clubs. As the culture spread beyond the borders of the South Bronx into lower Manhattan’s night club scene, it began to develop stronger messages which shed light on social issues of rebellion, racism, urban strife, social injustice and economic inequality of urban communities.

UHHM website

This museum not only shows the origins of the music itself, but the direct correlation it has had over time with numerous historical and cultural events. From the Civil Rights movement to teen gangs organizing to fight injustice. And even how a city-wide blackout incentivized hip hop partying across New York City, this museum is a true gem for any and every musician.

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