The 8 must-go-to Venues in México City

Traveling To Mexico City?

Are you traveling to the beautiful Mexico City? Regardless if it is for leisure or business, CDMX is a vibrant, cultural city that offers a wide range of arts and some of the best shows in Latin America. With incredible buildings, music scenes, stories, these eight music venues in Mexico City are worth visiting. 

Foro Sol

One of the most iconic concert venues in the world is part of a Formula 1 racing track. Foro Sol, constructed in 1993 inside the world-famous Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez, has hosted acts like Madonna in 1993, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Shakira, Depeche Mode, Muse, and many, many more top-class artists.

When it is not in use for music events, the venue becomes a Baseball stadium. Also, since 2015, the Foro Sol’s stands are an additional section of the Mexican Grand Prix track, allowing fans to experience the fastest cars in the world in a unique way.

For concerts, the capacity goes up to 65,000 attendees, for baseball and racing, it goes down to 26,000. If you are looking for the biggest shows in town, you should take a look at Foro Sol‘s schedule for your entertainment.

Arctic Monkeys at Foro Sol – 2019

Teatro Ángela Peralta

The Teatro Ángela Peralta is a one-of-a-kind outdoors Jazz venue. The construction of the amphitheater took place in 1939, and the famous sites of the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park in New York City and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles inspired its design.

With its 2,500 attendees capacity, the Teatro Ángela Peralta is the Jazz and Blues jewel of Mexico City. Its acoustics project the music in a very particular way allowing an exceptional sonic experience.

Thanks to its focus on Jazz music, its complex will soon become a free Jazz school to grow and maintain the city’s musical scene.

View from the stands

Zinco Jazz Club

Have you ever dreamed of listening to some of the best Jazz and Latin Jazz shows inside a former bank vault? Well, if you have seen this in your dreams, there is a place where you can experience it in real life! 

Zinco Jazz Club is an elegant, musician-approved, venue in the famous Centro Histórico neighborhood in Mexico City. 

The club features jazz bands and players from all over the world, including Tribute shows for the most celebrated artists in history. There are shows every night of the week, and it is close to the Palacio Bellas Artes (included in this list). 

Trios and full bands play at Zinco Jazz Club

Salón Los Ángeles

In 1937, Mr. Miguel Nieto Alcántara decided to renovate his former truck garage and storage into a full-sized dancefloor. The Salon Los Angeles got its name from the neighboring church “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles,” (Our Lady of the Angels), and ever since it became one of the hottest Tango and Mambo clubs in Mexico City.

The world-renowned film actor Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, known as “Cantinflas,” was a regular at the club where it is said, he was a great Tango and Mambo dancer.

With live music in the venue, the styles vary every night with Mambo, Tango, Salsa, and Cumbia, There are two-hour dance classes on Mondays and Tuesdays on location!

Also, it is said that Fidel Castro and Frida Kahlo came to Los Angeles.

Dance never stops at Los Ángeles

Palacio Bellas Artes

One of the most beautiful buildings you would see in your visit to the Mexican capital. The Palacio Bellas Artes is not only an iconic building in the country but in the world. Construction began in 1905 but had to be redesigned and finally finished in the 1930s. The building is the most important performance space in the city and offers seating capacity for 1936 attendees in the main stage. 

The building is not only a theatre, but it is a cultural center. There are various pieces by maestros around the interior and exteriors of the building, like paintings from Rufino Tamayo, and Diego Rivera‘s famously recreated piece “El hombre en el cruce de caminos” (after the destruction of the original inside the Rockefeller Center in New York City for its anti-capitalist themes. 

On the fourth floor of the Palacio Bellas Artes, visitors can find the Museo Nacional de Arquitectura (National Museum of Architecture). And the only way to see the Theatre for yourself is attending one of the multiple performances throughout the year. Inside, while enjoying the bests shows, visitors can also take a look at the “Valle de México” piece, designed by painter Gerardo Murillo, assembled by Tiffany & Co. 

Seasonal opera and symphony performances are offered throughout the year. Also, do not miss the opportunity to see the Ballet Folklórico de México.

Bulldog Café

If you want to feel like you partying outdoors with the best Rock in Mexico City, but with the advantages of being inside, Bulldog Café is the place for you.

With its unique decorations, visitors come in and feel like the party is outside. Biggest Rock bands from Latin America have performed and partied at Bulldog Café: Molotov, Café Tacvba, Los Amigos Invisibles also played there on their rise to fame.

Expect live bands playing tributes to Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Led Zepellin, Soda Estereo, or stay to hear the DJ turn up the party. Bands like Radiohead and Poison have performed there as well.

Sala Nezahualcoyotl

Welcome to the headquarters of the UNAM’s Orquesta Filarmónica (Mexico’s National Autonomous University’s Philharmonic Orchestra). The Sala Nezahualcóyotl is an acoustic masterpiece designed by Christopher Jaffe. Located within the Centro Cultural Universitario, this Music Hall has hosted orchestras like the London Symphony Orchestra as well.

Book one of the 2,177 house seats to experience its magnificent acoustics. 

The stage of the Sala Nezahualcóyotl is located right in the middle of the room, allowing audiences to surround the featured orchestra. A place to visit in Mexico City. 

Salón Tenampa

Are you looking for an all-Mexican experience? Want to attend one of the oldest-running dance halls in Mexico City? Want to be part of history? Salón Tenampa opened its doors in 1925 and have not closed ever since.

Located in the world-famous Plaza Garibaldi, which the Tenampa is credited for its fame, the best Mariachis in Mexico City have played throughout history inside its walls.

Multiple movies and tv series have used the Salón as location. Also, a wide range of musical artists has written about and referenced Tenampa in their songs.

Celebrities like Óscar de la Renta, Stephen Baldwin, Forest Whitaker, the legendary Chavela Vargas, and many more have attended the famous Tenampa.

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