Member Spotlight: Alberto Aldana on Music Journalism

The Spotlight

Stereotheque continues to bring musicians, business folks, and all sorts of creatives from over 277 cities around the world. In this Member Spotlight: Alberto Aldana, we wanted to highlight some of the works on Music Journalism and how it has adapted to reach audiences in the digital era.

Alberto Aldana

Alberto Aldana is a Music Journalist based in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. As a Rock music lover and historian, he is one of the contributing journalists for the recognized online Colombian magazine, Orbita Rock, that brings all the latest releases, the most important events, and news coverings from around the “orbit.”

In his written works, Alberto likes to go deep into his research to find the most detailed and genuine information that makes the Rock world unique. On his latest releases, it is easy to perceive the passion and comprehensiveness he employs to talk about the backstories of bands, records, songs, tours, and overall artistic careers. 

His Latest

Alberto’s latest articles for Órbita Rock:

Follow @historiadelrock_

Besides his published chronicles in Órbita Rock, Alberto keeps himself busy with his alternate Instagram account, @historiadelrock_. In this account, he periodically uploads the best stories, and unknown facts from the greatest rock, rock n’ roll, and punk artists in history.

With the constant shifts in technology and audience reach, Alberto keeps his craft and passion alive through the new channels of mass interaction like Instagram. Also, he keeps public Spotify playlists to broadcast his musical taste and professional views.

We recommend following Alberto’s @historiadelrock_ to all Rock music lovers and fact-obsessed fans.


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