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2020 just started a couple of weeks ago, and it is already that time of the year again. The biggest names in music will come together this coming Sunday, January 26th, for the famous 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony.

This year, for its televised section of the awards, the Recording Academy is betting on a refreshed and bigger all-around show that will leave last year’s terrible live T.V ratings in the past. The megastar Billie Eilish might go home with multiple awards, and Lil Nas X has a chance to earn his first Grammy for the most extended #1 in history, Old Town Road. With a wide variety of performances, plenty of talent, and a recent scandal, this year’s Grammy Awards might be exciting to follow live.

What about the other categories?

Even though worldwide audiences only get to see the smallest (and biggest performances) portion of the Awards, for this year, there are 84 selected categories to award to the best in the recording world. From the famous Record of The Year, the Academy awards categories like Spoken World, Package, Comedy, Classics, Reggae, Musical Theater, Immersive Audio Production, and many more.

Each of these fields in the Recording world has its inner list of categories.


Deborah Dugan, president of the Recording Academy since August 2019, was put on administrative leave only ten days ahead of this year’s Grammys ceremony. 

In December, Dugan filed a memo to the Human Resources team complaining about a number of the organization’s practices, and she was put into administrative leave just ten days before the Grammy Awards’ Ceremony.

Some of the complaints include:

  • Details of Sexual Harassment by Joel Katz (Academy’s general legal counsel)
  • Grammy voting irregularities from the board – no transparency in the nomination process. 
  • “Secret Voting” committees for the top 20 awards. 
  • Artists with prior relationships have are often given priorities, and sometimes added at a later date than the established deadlines.
  • An allegation of rape against former CEO Neil Portnoy by a female recording artist 

Dugan claims that the Academy practices “tactics reminiscent of those deployed by individuals defending Harvey Weinstein.” 

We will, for sure, hear more about this in the coming days and weeks. Subscribe to The Hub for the following news of this issue. 

Album of The Year vs. Record of The Year vs. Song of The Year

Fallin – by Alicia Keys won Song of the Year in 2002

Also, to give some better context for these three different, but mostly confusing, awards at the Grammy’s, here a concise explanation:

  • Album of The Year
    • Body of recordings with at least 5 different tracks and a minimum of 15 minutes of running time – OR – a minimum of 30 minutes running time with no minimum track requirement.
  • Record of The Year 
    • Recognizes a SINGLE track and the artist’s performance as well as the producer(s), recording engineer(s), mixing engineer(s), mastering engineer(s). 
  • Song of The Year
    • Recognizing the songwriter(s) of the new material. It’s a Songwriter’s award. 

Live Performers at the Grammy Awards

Here are your 2020 Grammy Awards performers!

  • Billie Eilish
  • Aerosmith 
  • Lizzo
  • Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani 
  • Ariana Grande
  • Demi Lovato
  • Camila Cabello
  • Brandi Carlile
  • H.E.R
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Bonnie Raitt 
  • Rosalía – Nominated for Best New Artist!!!
  • Run-DMC
  • Tanya Tucker
  • Tyler, the Creator
  • Charlie Wilson
  • Joshua Bell
  • BTS
  • Gary Clark Jr.
  • Common
  • Misty Copeland
  • Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Diplo
  • Sheila E.
  • Kirk Franklin
  • DJ Khaled
  • Lang Lang
  • Cindy Lauper
  • John Legend
  • Lil Nas X
  • Meek Mill
  • Ben Platt
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • Mason Ramsey
  • Roddy Ricch
  • The Roots
  • The War and Treaty
  • Trombone Shorty
  • Usher
  • YG


Catch the Live show at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony.
– 8pm EST

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