Dua Lipa: Powered by Colombian Creativity

Don’t Start Now

Dua Lipa, the two-time Grammy Award winner, and Pop superstar, is currently promoting her upcoming album “Future Nostalgia.” Thanks to the early success of her first self-titled album, and songs like “New Rules,” and “IDGAF,” Dua Lipa has been able to carve open space in today’s pop royalty.

Don’t Start Now,” released on November 1st, is Dua’s first released single from “Future Nostalgia.” During the span of the last two months of the year, she performed the single multiple times on the biggest televised music awards in North America and Europe, like at the MTV EMA‘s and the AMA‘s.

Colombia In The House

Even though the British pop star works primarily with North American and European producers, this time, Dua Lipa’s team brought over the creativity and talents from Colombia to help her promote her latest release and the long-awaited album. 

The Colombian Rafael Perez, better known as Rafatoon, was the one responsible for Don’t Start Now‘s Official Lyric Video

The Video

For the task, Perez’s fantastic concept explores a wide range of textures, colors, psychedelic imagery, and late 80’s – early 90’s visual aesthetics.

The video now accumulates over 2 million views on Youtube and the outstanding ratio of 44 thousand Likes against 513.

Lyric videos are special and crucial part of song and album promotions. Creating appealing lyric videos helps audiences to recognize songs, learn the lyrics, and sometimes they are released before the Official Video as well. These videos are great tools to bring the hype for new material.

The Team

To complete his vision, Rafatoon assembled a team of the most exceptional creatives to work on the different parts of the production.

2D Lyrics Animation: Luis Mejía
Texture 3D Animation: Andrés García, Trung Bao, Andrés Naranjo
Texture Live Footage: Daniela Riaño “Danielastyling,” Luis Egurrola, Robert Stevens, Canela Bayona
Executive Producer: David Wesley
Production Compan: dreambear

Directed by: Rafael Perez
Edit/comp: Rafael Perez

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