Member Spotlight: Freestyle and Visuals With Sergio Barbosa

The Spotlight

Stereotheque continues to bring musicians, business folks, and all sorts of creatives from over 277 cities around the world. In this Member Spotlight: Sergio Barbosa, we wanted to highlight the works of this creative on Music, visuals, and how to expand and consolidate a musical and cultural scene in today’s digital era.

Sergio Barbosa

Sergio Barbosa is a Colombian music producer, songwriter, and graphic designer. His love and admiration for rap music, has established himself as one of the creatives that are expanding and consolidating the Hip-Hop, and Freestyling, scenes in the city of Bogotá.

Regardless if it is through Music or Graphic Design, Sergio is there to contribute to the fast growth of Bogotá as one of the international stops for hip-hop artists, freestylers, and fans from all Latin America and Spain.

K.O Internacional

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the creation of better suitable Venues, Colombia and Latin America are finally setting themselves for the consolidation of all kinds of “so-far-underground” music scenes. In November from last year, one of the biggest nights of Freestyles in LATAM took the capital city of Bogotá by storm: the “K.O Internacional.”

Sergio Barbosa was part of the selected team of creatives that brought the event to life and success! Sergio created and programmed all the visuals used on the main stage’s screen, including countdowns, live vjing (visual performance), and animations.

This is how creatives are taking the initiative to grow the live scenes in Latin America: bringing together the best teams of creatives to produce quality events and setting worthy venues along with the cultural hubs of each country. To build your network of creatives, join Stereotheque today!

K.O Internacional was celebrated on November 16th, on a venue of 1000+ capacity. The event brought the most prominent names of the Freestyle scene like Cacha (Argentina), Replik (Argentina), Dominic (México), KDT (República Dominicana), Elevn (Colombia), Tinta (Colombia).

His Own Beat

Sergio is an active member of his music scene and creative culture.
Bringing his skills together, he wrote and produced his first original track and not stopping there; he also shot and edited his music video.

DNI is Sergio’s first track under his stage name R3SEARCH. In his words, “DNI is a self-portrait, my first finished musical production, it reflects parts of what I have been and what I am.”
Creciendo los eventos en Colombia! Generando y trayendo propuestas de calidad para los espacios culturales y artísticos en la capital y a lo largo del país.


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