6 Creative Careers for the Professional Musician

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When talking about a musician and its possible professional paths, most of the time, people might tend to look at a narrow set of careers like becoming an instrumentalist, singer, or working on the business side of the industry. However, inside the vast realm of the music industry, multiple jobs and positions can (and must be) suited by the best and most talented musicians and creatives.

Creativity, talent, and skill allow all creatives to find their way in this competitive industry and become a part of it. We have to remember that before we can hear a song on the radio, watch a big Hollywood movie, or enjoy our favorite Broadway Musical, there has been a group of professionals that have brought in the expertise at some part of the production process.

And thankfully for us musicians, music is a vital part of the human experience in this world!

There is music all around us, and music needed for all different commercial and non-commercial purposes. So if you are considering living and creating a professional career off of music, there is no need to conform to the uneducated and narrow view of the outside world. Here are six creative career paths that you can build from your talents and music.


1 – Professional Songwriter

Do you know how to write songs? Are you passionate about it and have the skills necessary to write almost hundreds of songs per week?

The songwriter only writes songs… It is not that easy. A professional songwriter must also have the right eye (and ears) to know the movements and trends of the music market to make a living off of it. One part of the career is devoted to the creation of new songs for the different music styles and markets, and the other part of the job is dedicated to promoting these songs to artists, labels, publishers to be produced and matched with the right talent. You can get to see your favorite artists and bands sing your songs one day.

2 – Composer of Show Music

Do you love stagings, live shows, comedy, Musical Theatre, and would like to become part of the creative process?

Today’s live music and entertainment scene is bigger than ever! Creatives and professional entertainers keep crossing the lines between different kinds of live shows to show us their versatility as performers. In these scenarios, music is a crucial part of live entertainment, and so do the creatives that compose original music for each. This composer needs to like to work directly with the director, scriptwriters, performers, and choreographers to come up with the best musical pieces. Also, this composer can be part of the casting, staging, and orchestrating segments of the show.

3 – Composer of Children’s Music

Are you interested in composing music for the development and education of children? Do you enjoy simple ideas that can make big and positive impacts on their growth?

Children’s music can be found on TV, albums, YouTube, Spotify, commercials, and films. This whole sector of the industry is devoted to bringing the catchiest, most entertaining, and educational songs to the biggest media outlets and audiences targetting kids. This kind of musician needs to know how to work with kids, have a particular type of understanding of how they interact and react to music. The educational portion of this job is crucial since most of the Children’s music aims to their early development.

4 – Composer of Classical Music

Are you ready to learn the classical ways and also become a knowledge diffuser? Are you prepared to accept that classical music also goes hand in hand with commercial success?

In today’s music world, it is not a secret that there is considerably less capital flow around classical music. For this reason, classical music composers might want to look for sources of income like the Teaching of their knowledge and passion. For this career more than others, to attain success, it is relevant that the musician works closely with the already established professionals in the field. After a big media breakthrough, composers can live off from commissions.

5 – Arranger-Orchestrator

Do you enjoy creating your versions of songs and tracks? Do you have the creativity to see beyond the old and create something new and appealing out of it?

Get ready to compose, direct, produce, and perform work with songwriters, producers, publishers, and performing artists. The creativity level of the arranger needs to be able to adapt to the needs of each of the different events, performances, or productions needed. Sometimes arrangers might work for a new album; other times, they might work to create unique arrangements for an artist’s live performance. Also, get ready to work on-the-fly, since many of these gigs come last minute!

6 – Music Editor

Do you have a calling for music in film and television and know about musical storytelling? Do you have the qualities to oversee creative, technical, and logistical aspects to implement the right music for shows and movies?

The amounts of audio-visual content we are regularly exposed to in today’s world is outrageous. There are screens everywhere we go, and so there is music and a product, a series, a film to sell. The Music editor needs to be a music connoisseur able to guide the incorporation of the musical element into the visual workpiece. When original music is needed, the Editor needs to have meetings and work hours with the director and the composer. If the picture needs prerecorded music, the Editor needs to come up with the right songs, tunes, and tracks to ensure the product’s success with the targetted audiences.


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