Gil de Gils: Urban “Mestizaje” from Colombia

Disrupting The Scene

Coming from the mountains of Colombia, and already spreading their musical genius through Europe and Latin America, we present the dose of Rock and Folklore you didn’t know you need: Gil de Gils!

Gil de Gils has been transforming the Colombian Alternative music scene from its core and out thanks to the band’s eruption of sounds and energy. Born in 2017 by the artistic and creative connection of master guitar player Sebastian Villanueva, and Radio Radiónica’s 2018’s Best Colombian Drummer, Kamy Moreno; the duo has focused their efforts in creating and showcasing the urban “mestizajes” of music, love, heartbreak, and political satire.


Nativo is the band’s latest release!

According to Gil de Gils, this new work sounds like traditional Colombian music translated into songs that talk about everyday life. These songs denounce injustices and remember what we have historically forgotten; a Colombian society that continues to struggle among its difficulties.

The lyrics in this album navigate harmonies, arrangements, and melodies inspired by travel and expeditions to the folkloric rhythms of the Currulao, Porro, and Tamborito: these sounds are interwoven between tradition and contemporary music.

“We are the result of urban miscegenation, we dream of a new Colombia that is still looking for new options to transcend.”

“Me Parece Mentira”

The album’s first released single “Me Parece Mentira,” is a reflection of romantic love. Its lyrics highlight from the beginning a beautiful crush and a natural withering, teaching us to let go and thank, although love will always continue beating. The rhythms of aguabajo, timba, and rock, inspired this track. Sebastián Villanueva’s original composition was first recorded for Phonoclórica project, but now he re-released it with his power duo Gil de Gils.


Sebastian Villanueva
  • Lead Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Songwriter
  • Composer
  • Producer
  • Winner of various awards and music competitions


Kamy Moreno
  • Drums
  • Vocals
  • Drummer for multiple bands
  • Influenced by Soul, Blues, R&B, Punk, Rock, Indie, Latin Fusion, and Salsa
  • Sponsored by Los Cabos Drumsticks



Gil de Gils recently finished two international tours positioning this Colombian power duo as one of the most innovative and exciting proposals of the Alternative scene. First, “RATE Race Tour Europe,” after finishing a closing tour of the International Festival de Théâtre de Rue Aurillac (covered Guimhamp, Lannion, Morlaix, Santec, Paris, Toulouse, Perpignan, Barcelona). And the second tour was “La Raza Tour 2018 Mexico.”

2020 begins with the release of the new album and a new tour through Spain, France, Belgium, and Germany. Also, Gil de Gils already planned the publication of three video clips for “Me Parece Mentira” “Limonar,” and “Tres Pies.”

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Instagram: @gildegils
Facebook: Gil de Gils

(Photography by Victoria Ceardi @vicsceardi)

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Check out the video for “Idiosincrasia” from their first album!


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