13 Ways to Advance Your Music Career While In Quarantine

Let’s be Proactive during Quarantine!

It is in these times of global stir that we musicians and creatives must remain calm and adapt to the harsh circumstances that we are all individually and jointly living as an almost-completely shut-down industry. Cultural events have canceled around the world, and all physical gatherings are limited as we all thrive on reducing the impact of the virus through social distancing and quarantine.

Thankfully for us, we also live in the times of an advanced internet connection where we can find some relief and link with audiences and other creatives that make up our industry. These are not times to sit down and reminisce about tours, concerts, and other public events that could have been. Instead, these are times to look ahead in our future and start understanding that this pandemic will change our personal lives, and the whole Cultural sector and industries.

So, while events, governments, and experts decide how to stop the spreading virus, we urge you to stay positive and look to the number of opportunities and doors that these circumstances have now placed on you and us. Take the time on your quarantine to keep asking questions, learning, advancing, and using the tools at our disposal to also SHAPE and help us dictate the best fate for an industry that is currently stuck.

Here at Stereotheque, we thought about 13 easy and interesting ideas that will let you advance your career while on quarantine. Some might bring in some income, and others might bring you bright ideas. Let’s work together to generate a positive impact in the industry we love: you might have the next “million-dollar” idea that will keep the ship afloat.

Learn that new DAW

Take this time to sit down and learn all about that DAW you have always wanted. Read about shortcuts, techniques, and other's tricks to make the best out of these workstations. Take a chance on Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason, Maschine, Logic Pro X, Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, etc.

Read about Music and Gear reviews

There are incredible music and gear reviewers out there. Take a time to read what they have to say about the old and newest music/gear releases you like, and take a look into new creative paths. This will for sure spark your creativity and create new interests to keep evolving your craft. Search for reviews on YouTube, blogs, and websites. 

Stereotheque Services

Offer your creative and artistic services on Stereotheque! Connect with other professional creatives around the world, companies, and organizations to keep your creative skills working online. Display your portfolio and advance to a sustainable creative career! In these times, creator tools are leading the development and integration of the music and entertainment industries with technology. 

Make and sell beats/tracks/songs

Lil Nas X bought a beat online, wrote "Old Town Road," and the rest is history. Do you have a talent for music production? Make yourself a routine to produce those beats every day and sell them online through sites like Airbit and Soundcloud. Write songs, and compose music that can be used by other artists, and also by advertisement companies. 

Create and sell Sample packs

Samples, one-shots, loops, stock photography and video, are always welcome in today's music scenes! Take your time to create the most creative sounds and sell them through platforms like Splice, Shutterstock, and Pond5. Also, if you are looking for new sounds/images/media for your future project, create accounts on these same platforms to enter almost endless libraries of content.

Teach Online Music/Software/Skill lessons

Take advantage of all the social media platforms' promotional features and promote your classes between friends and others. Then, select a video conferencing method and start teaching your knowledge to all the people that might be looking for new things to do in their homes. 

Make video Tutorials

If you'd rather make viral videos to share online than teaching live, update your YouTube channel and upload videos explaining your workflow, thought process, production processes, and your approach to all the topics and interests in the music/entertainment industries. OR search for others', learning is always a great option too. 

Start remote projects

Have you found new projects and creatives through Stereotheque? It is time to make good use of that "free time," and all the technology we have at our disposal. The greater portion of the music is home-made these days, and the market is already digital, so MAKE more music! Exchange sessions, files, meet in videoconferencing, you are a remote company now. 

Read that Music Business book you have

You probably own a music business book you thought you would absolutely read but has been there, all dusty. Pick it up, learn and refresh your knowledge of the industry. If it is an older book, understand how music worked years ago, compare it to today's, and prepare for what the future will throw at you. Also, read any other interesting books that will open your mind to greater knowledge and understanding. 

Learn Photoshop and Video Production software

Dig deeper into Photoshop and your favorite video production/editing software. No matter what creative path you take, these are of vital importance to promoting your work. Also, learning these basic skills will allow you to work more independently on your next project / make better YouTube videos of reviews and tutorials. 

Watch Documentaries

Take the time to learn about the lives and works of the most influential creatives in history. Our advice is that you watch these and take notes of the ideas and moments that resonate with your career. Learn from the past to be ready for the future. Also, learn from professionals in other industries so you can bring in new knowledge and ideas.

Virtual Concerts

Create a promotional campaign and gather your crowd on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope. Prepare a live set where you can perform for your audiences in different time zones. Get creative at home and offer people a much needed musical relief from all the stress of the moment: us artists we also have a social responsibility, and what better way than sharing our gifts. 

Stay informed and try to predict the aftermath of this global pandemic for our industry

We cannot only think about what to do now, but we also have to look ahead and try to come up with possible solutions to revive our industry. As of right now, things are frozen, but once the pandemic passes and markets start to move again, we might confront bigger blows to the cultural and entertainment sectors. Stay curious and alert. Conduct virtual meetings and talk to other creatives about solutions and possible complications we might face. Time to be PROactice not only reactive. 

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