Artist Spotlight: Ricardo Osorno

Ricardo Osorno

Ricardo Osorno

Ricardo Osorno is a Colombian Electric and Upright bassist, composer, and producer based in the city of Valencia, Spain. He recently finished a Post Master’s Fellowship program as the House Bassist for Berklee College Of Music, Valencia, after receiving his Master’s degree in Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) mentored by the world-renown bass player Gary Willis

Ricardo has played with highly respected musicians from around the world including, Roberto Quintero, Nitin Shawney, Victor Mendoza, Albert Sanz, Timotej Konik, Casey Driessen, Bobby Martinez, and Sergio Martinez among others.

His influences come from a line of bass players that have forged the jazz tradition and have developed unique sounds through their carriers: Ray Brown, Johnny Clayton, Christian McBride, John Patitucci, Avishai Cohen, Jaco Pastorius, and Gary Willis. Osorno is continually developing his electric bass and double-bass sounds.


Instrospección is Osorno’s first jazz studio album leading his Jazz Quintet. The album was released on November 10th, 2019, and it is a mix of the cultures he has been exposed to during the years of travel, artistic interaction, and musicians from around the world. 

In his own words, “(Instrospección) is a journey of introspection and a constant search of sound, framed in the cultural and musical diversity of Valencia. The album is full of intricate rhythms and colorful textures – a byproduct of the various experiences and musical contexts of the band members.”

The Patrons

Ricardo prepared and conducted a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami to finance the studio recording, mixing, and mastering of “Instrospección”

Ricardo arranged and successfully managed a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami to finance the studio recording, mixing, and mastering of “Instrospección.” The album was recorded at Jazztone Studios in Valencia, Spain, starting the beginnings of May of 2019 and finishing the final prints late in June. 

The Players

Osorno’s album features his double bass, piano, trumpet, drums, and a multi-percussion he assembled correctly for the sounds he wanted. 

To accomplish it, Osorno brought in a stellar group of musicians from different countries and cultures:

Live Performances

To continue expanding his artistry and outreach, Ricardo Osorno is looking forward to preparing and booking an international tour to perform his double-bass talents and his album Instrospección to all Jazz fans around the world. 

Ricardo is a regular on-stage musician. After his already fifteen years of the musical journey, he has performed in some of the most important music festivals in Colombia and Latin America:

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