Artist Spotlight: Caterina J

From Chile to The World

Caterina J is a Chilean singer-songwriter and actress, based in Brooklyn, New York City. Writing songs since the age of 12, Caterina has always had a musical call resonating inside of her thanks to the music and sounds she grew up listening with her family. Even though she started in the performing arts as a model, it was the combination of a modeling pageant and a Shakira song she sung at the pageant that opened up the doors to a real dream in the music scene, thanks to the audience’s great reception.

Her musical and artistic drive took her to apply and study performing arts at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in the first half of the 2010s. Since her return to the United States, (she was born in Boston, MA, before moving and growing up in Santiago, Chile), she has been exhaustively working for her art.

In 2012 she teamed up with Argentinian singer-songwriter Paco Naveira, and he took her to perform around New York City. Since 2014, Caterina J has been a regular performer in New York City’s local live circuit, making appearances on notable venues like The Bowery Electric, Nublu, The Bitter End, Subrosa, Rockwood Music Hall, and many others.

I Confess

Her debut album came in 2016. A combination of jazz, rock, blues, and pop elements, drive the project that has a mature and established sound. The Album took two years in the making, where she collaborated with talented New York City-based musicians.

“I Confess” is a nine-song album in which Caterina J combines Spanish and English sung tracks with brilliant cohesion.

Check out her debut album!

Reborn The upcoming album

Her upcoming release will be her sophomore studio project titled “Reborn.” The EP will have two songs in Spanish and three in English. Caterina J was able to finance the whole project thanks to a well-thought-out and promoted crowdfunding campaign she conducted last year.

Reaching her goal with the Indiegogo campaign, she was able to record at the great Plaid Dog recording studio in Boston, MA. Producer Mike Davidson took the lead and direction of the project to give Caterina J the sound and product she wanted.

The Album’s first single “Reborn” was released at the moment of the campaign to help the promotion. Audiences around the world have enjoyed the first single, and it was featured in the “Artist Sampler Playlist” of the January/February’s edition of Relix Magazine.

Watch the video at the end to listen to “Reborn”!

Caterina J

Caterina keeps performing these days on platforms like MUSICASA and she is waiting for the quarantine to end to get back on stage and perform her upcoming Album!

Follow her music and career through her social media and to stay aware of her upcoming virtual and soon physical shows!

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