Rock’n’Lolo: Teaching Children Spanish Through Music During Quarantine!

The Program

Rock’n’Lolo is the “unique, special contribution” of Argentinian professional singer-songwriter Laura Dayan, to the early education of children in a second language through original music.

Yes, Rock’n’Lolo brings a “New and Smart content for kids, with original Beautiful melodies and Lyrics, that grown-ups will love too! Songs that inspire kids educating them not only in a new language but also with values and good manners.

Rock’n’Lolo‘s real goal is to open kids’ minds and hearts from the very beginning. Inspiring them diversity, respect, and love.

The Experience (you can’t miss out!)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Lolo decided to adapt Rock’n’Lolo’s interactive program considering the crisis of the pandemic. That is why Rock’n’Lolo will continue sharing music and Love, for FREE in LIVE Shows through her Instagram account: @Rock’n’Lolo.

And yes! Still full of singing and dancing, while learning Spanish, and most importantly, having fun with smart original content. 

30 minutes of joy, music and a little spark to each child in each home.

Rock’n’Lolo’s experience is intended for babies up to 5 years old. 

(Zoom private group classes, virtual Birthdays and special covers shows, are available too.) Suggested donation for LIVE shows will be accepted and more than appreciated for those who can, but everyone is welcome! Even if you can’t contribute. Sharing and inviting new friends is another amazing way to help Lolo.

Thanks to your contribution, Rock’n’Lolo will be able to continue creating and sharing new quality content.

The Music

Of course, the whole program and its uniqueness are molded around Lolo’s musical talents! Her understanding and approach to music have allowed her to compose special music with serious attention to detail and commitment on three main pillars:

  • Lyrics that make a difference and inspire kids to be patient, that also teach them their real superpowers, and the magic words like “Gracias” and “Por favor.”
  • Spanish/English language songs that allow kids to make connections between concepts for context.
  • Melodies that also grown-ups can enjoy. Songs that make Lolo proud sharing, with high-quality sound and professional performance.

“… You’ll be giving your child the most powerful tool for their future, educating them not only in a new language but also inspiring them to open their minds and hearts with values and good manners…”


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RocknLolo.   ( For Listen the Music)

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