Creative Industries of Colombia Will Raise Funds for Health

Cantemos Colombia
They seek to promote the donation of resources in-kind, money, and time for the country’s health sector.

Stereotheque, the music, and technology platform, in collaboration with allied musicians, creatives, organizations, and brands, promotes the #CantemosColombia initiative, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which seeks to raise funds and resources for Colombia’s health system.

Through a digital collaborative challenge, a collective audiovisual composition of the National Anthem of Colombia will be carried out to symbolize the union and create social awareness about the importance of staying home to avoid the spread of the virus. Registered participants will be able to receive benefits from allied brands, and visibility will be given to organizations and initiatives that work to meet the needs of the Colombian health system during the crisis, promoting donations of time, in-kind, or money.

“In times of crisis, the music reminds us that we belong, it is an antidote to the growing sense of isolation in society during COVID-19 as has been evidenced in countries like Australia, Argentina, Italy, and China. Now is the time for Colombia”, affirms Tomás Uribe, Co-founder of Stereotheque, and who was recently selected as one of the Country Brand Ambassadors 4.0 of Colombia.

The invitation, which is supported by Marca País and ProColombia, is for all musicians, creatives, fans, and patriots who want to collaborate, to record an audiovisual piece singing and/or instrumentalizing a section of the national anthem.

To participate, enter, click on register, and upload the video. It can also be published on social networks with #CantemosColombia. The final version of the video will be published on May 10.

As part of this call, Colombians in all parts of the world are invited to go out to their windows on May 10 to sing the Colombian National Anthem at 6:00 pm (Colombia time GMT-5) as a show of unity during the crisis.

Visit for more information! Follow @cantemoscolombia on Instagram.


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