Live Streaming Platforms for Live Music: Perform During Quarantine

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Live Streaming and Music

The Music and Entertainment industries are straight-up known for their resilience and adaptiveness to multiple changes in technology, consumer practices, and worldwide events. From Thomas Edison’s phonograph cylinder to vinyl, to Napster, Music has always been powered by the smartest minds that adapt its power to every era and circumstance. In our current worldwide pandemic situation, we have truly experienced the power of our times’ technology. Through live streaming, we are all proving that even though live music and shows have been postponed on physical stages, they have not been canceled at all!

Technology is crucial to music (you can learn about this in our podcast CREATR), and these days our online presence is the only way we connect with the other people and spaces. So, if you had shows scheduled up that have been postponed or turned down, learn to get into the live streaming world and take your music to all your fans. 

The Platforms

Trying to stay connected with thousands of fans around the world is always a tough job. At the same time, having a strong social presence on the massive social media platforms that we have today at our disposal is vital to maintaining a robust artist/creative-fan bond. It is your time to use these tools’ full potentials. Remember that the key to bonding is interaction, so be there and make a presence where your fans are. The list of these platforms is long, so here are a few popular examples:


Mainly marketed and developed for esports and gaming live streaming, as a musician, there is a Music and Performing Arts section – full of musicians, performers, and their amazing creativities!


YouTube Live Streaming is part of the “Creator Studio.” This option allows you to go live instantly, schedule, and manage your upcoming streams. 

  • Make sure you activate your live streaming access at least 24 hours before your first desktop stream! 
  • You need at least 1,000 subscribers to go live on mobile.

Facebook and Instagram LIVE

Probably the most famous and used Live Streaming services around the world. 

With Facebook Live, users can also decide and choose their privacy and posting settings: go live for everyone, friends, friends except…, only me.

Analyze your live streams’ performance on your Facebook Business Page and take a closer look at your peak live viewers, average watch time,demographics, and more.

With Instagram Live, not only reach all of your followers and the world but also invite other users to be part of the live stream conversation: pop stars around the globe have widely used this option. 

Twitter LIVE (Periscope)

Do you have a big Twitter following? Whenever you have a new tweet, try the Live option, and you’ll instantly go live. Anyone on Twitter or Periscope can join, comment, and show their support during your stream.

The Multi-Stream

For some creatives out there with multiple followings across their array of social media pages, there are now options that will allow you to Live Stream over multiple platforms at the same time!


StreamYard works as an online live streaming studio. You can directly Live stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms! Also, StreamYard allows you to bring in guests, have animated visuals, and other options while you stream.


Switchboard is another service that allows you to live stream over various platforms at once! Their list of compatible platforms is outstanding, and their interface is easy to use with three tiers of monthly subscriptions.

Stereotheque’s Pro Tip

When musicians and other creatives go live, they want to stream and give audiences the best quality audio and video! Try these two services to stream HQ Audio and Video every time you go Live!


Use OBS to select the audio and video inputs of your choice! Do you want your audience to listen to the sounds running through your audio interface? Do you want to have your iPad capture video while you have your interface as an audio unit? With OBS, you can do all this and more combinations to give your audience the highest quality audio and video you can offer.

Yellow Duck

The only social media platform that OBS can’t reach on its own is Instagram. Instagram only allows mobile streaming, and there is no desktop compatibility. However, thanks to Yellow Duck, which works as the link application, you can now stream to Instagram from your Laptop or desktop computer.

If you want to stream with studio-quality audio on Instagram Live, you can wire OBS to run through Yellow Duck, and there you have it!

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