The Creatr Podcast Ep. 12 – Tomás Uribe: Creativity as the Next Frontier for Global Wealth

Tomás Uribe – New York City

Tomás Uribe is a Colombian multi-disciplinary creative and self-made entrepreneur with a unique understanding of the Music and Technology Industries. Thanks to his musical background as an electric bass player, music producer, and composer, plus his relentless curiosity, he has had the chance to learn from the challenges that professionals deal with in the Music Business, while developing tools to counteract its flaws.

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Tomás is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stereotheque; the market-network that connects young creatives with different opportunities in music, media, and entertainment. With Stereotheque, Uribe is helping to foster music scenes by tackling the shortage of tools and Business resources available to create sustainable creative careers.

Thanks to the company’s adaptiveness and Tomás’ forward-thinking, Stereotheque has maintained operations during the worldwide quarantine, and the company has been able to assist music scenes and creatives worldwide. Tools like CovidAid, and social campaigns like ¡Cantemos Colombia!, have helped to find and raise funds for artists and essential workers in these times of crisis and uncertainty.

In this episode, Tomás Uribe shares the story of Stereotheque, how the company evolved, and where it is headed. Learn how to build and develop a startup business in the digital age with creator tools and adapt work routines while executing business strategies. Understand why Creativity is still an asset in today’s technological world. And, also hear from Uribe’s thoughts and experiences of incorporating and running a company while at the same time changing immigration statuses in the United States.

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tomás uribe

Welcome to the second season of CREATR, a podcast by Stereotheque where we explore the intersection of music, entertainment, business, and technology from the perspective of a wide range of experts from all segments of the creative industries.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The beginnings of Stereotheque
  • Proactively creating to help during the quarantine
  • The Entrepreneurial approach to his first rock band
  • Building a product to sell in the music industry
  • Lack of Music Business education for musicians and creatives
  • The bridge between Music, Technology, and Design
  • Coming up with new ideas, sharing, and incentivizing people to believe
  • Learning while making
  • Devising new ways to run a business in the digital age
  • The challenges of immigration and building a company in the United States
  • Finding the balance between the founding team
  • Finding the right team and getting out of the comfort zone
  • How to obtain the best out of people
  • Creativity is still an asset that cannot be automated by technology
  • Reinventing ourselves to adapt for the moment
  • Turning a creative idea into a real-life business
  • Creating vs. Executing
  • Figuring out the hypothesis you want to prove
  • Growing thick skin and debunking entrepreneurial myths in the music business
  • What is Entrepreneurship?
  • Coming up with simple, pragmatic steps to execute
  • The “Action Method”
  • Daily Rituals to get the best out of life and business
  • Finding the right tools to advance
  • Publishing a book: “How to Land a Job in the Music Industry?”
  • There is no straight line between point A and point B
  • Skills you should develop to compete
  • Digital Scarcity vs Physical Scarcity
  • GRITA! 
  • The tools to rise in our new paradigms, tools to empower others
  • No Code Tools
  • “It is better to know what you don’t want rather than what you do want”
  • Being relentless towards actions


  1. Stereotheque
  2. CovidAid
  3. Spotify Donations
  4. IDB 
  5. Idartes
  6. Making Ideas Happen (Book)
  7. Behance
  8. Jira
  9. Daily Rituals (Book)
  10. Creator Tools
  11. Slack
  12. No Code Tools (Bubble, Notion)

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