The Latin Rock of Radio Paila Will Make You “Feel Peace”

Latin Rock

Sentiremos Paz

Once again, the Colombian rock band hits big with their fresh sounds of the new era of Latin Rock. Radio Paila‘s newly-released single “Sentiremos Paz” (we will feel peace), strikes local radio stations with their combination of folkloric sounds and elements into their established multi-scenic world of music. 

As described by the band, the song is “the story of a cycle of guilt, acceptance, and overcoming.”

The song’s production and completion process expanded from the city of Boston, MA, recording vocals and other instruments, all the way to the city of Bogotá, Colombia, where the final production, mixing, and mastering took place.

So, do not let the language stop you – the feeling, the sounds, the energy, and carefully-made music production will take your hand and guide you. Let the Latin rock sounds of Radio Paila take you to deeper meanings to live your inner cycles until you transform the “guilt” into acceptance so you can “overcome.”

The new Latin Rock

The band keeps quickly climbing the steps in Colombia’s music scene. Radio Paila is ready to go international with its unique approach to Latin rock. Thanks to the strong presence they have harnessed on social media and their multiple selected songs for Spotify Editorial Playlists, do not be surprised to hear from the band all throughout Latin America soon.

Find them on all music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and their YouTube channel for your daily dose of energy.

Side note

On a side note, “Sentiremos Paz‘s” release comes in handy during these times when many people have needed to quarantine because of the global pandemic. During times of confinement, humans tend to look towards their insides and take the necessary courage to confront, accept, and overcome our self-doubts and guilts. Music is here to help, comfort, and be a tool for self-alignment. So, take good care of the music. Take care of creatives, and their genius’ will also take care of you back.

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